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What is Artificial Intelligence? AI Applications, Jobs & Salary

You must have heard the word Artificial Intelligence, or you wouldn’t have been reading this blog. Self-driving cars, social media feed, robotic assistants, automated disease diagnosis, e-commerce buying recommendations are products of an emerging AI revolution that will reshape how we live and work.

In this blog, we are going to tell you what AI is? Where is it used? What are the jobs and companies which use this unique technology? And what is its scope in the coming future (especially in India)?

So without further ado, let’s get started.

What Is Artificial Intelligence? 

Artificial Intelligence or AI is a broad branch of Computer Science / Information Technology that deals with creating or developing intelligent systems that can perform business tasks just like you and me; this interdisciplinary science comes with numerous advancements and approaches possible with the help of Deep Learning, Machine Learning algorithms, Neural Networking, and Natural Language Processing.

Ok, the definition is one thing, but how does AI work? How can a computer do what we, humans, can do?

Actually, the answer is pretty simple. While growing up, we learn from our observations. The computer does the same but with data. 

Loads and loads of data go into computers via computer languages, and then computers identify similar trends and features in that data to make predictions.

AI Applications

Your Gmail divides emails into primary, social, and promotions categories based on specific keywords in subject lines. Words like click here, apply now, bumper offer, the huge discount sale will surely end up emails in the promotions category. 

Recommendations are one more category where AI is used most widely today, and your social media feed is a great example of that. 

Similarly, based on your purchase history on Amazon or your viewing history on Netflix, you get recommendations to buy similar things and watch similar shows. Again, all these recommendations are based on AI and ML algorithms. 

Multinational banks, casinos, high-value inventories use security systems built with AI to identify many types of threats such as intruders, invalid access, and unidentified individuals. 

An average commercial plane usually involves only seven minutes of human-steered flight, typically reserved only for takeoff and landing; the rest is autopilot which is nothing but artificial intelligence at play. 

Jobs, Companies, and Scope in India

AI is everywhere, and it has sowed its seed on Indian soil as well. Companies like Happiest Minds, Addle India, Tata Elxsi, Mindtree, Persistent Systems, Tanla are some of India’s biggest emerging players in this field.

Big daddies from IT and BFSI like IBM, Infosys, Fidelity Investments, SAP Labs India & JP Morgan Chase are increasingly using AI in their operations, and they are Artificial Intelligence Certification in Singapore also actively looking for people with the right AI skills.

Some of the opportunities available for AI-certified professionals are AI Engineer Artificial Intelligence Programmer, AI Engineer, Machine Learning Engineer, Data Scientist, AI Consultant, NLP Engineer, Data Analyst, AI Architect, Deep Learning Engineer, AI Software Engineer, and the list goes on and on. 

Salary and Earnings

The median salary of an AI professional in India is Rs. 14.3 lakhs on average. And AI professionals, who reach mid and senior-level, command a salary higher than Rs 50 lakhs per annum. 

With today’s data, it is easy to say that an IT professional can even expect a salary increase of 60-80% after developing some important AI skills.

At The End…

Large volumes of data are generated every day across several organizations and business functions. It is impossible to use that data without any with the help of Machine Learning, Data Science, and Deep Learning technologies. 

So far, AI has proved to be extremely strong, and surely its future is waiting with a growth spurt. However, it will take us years to get there. So, if you are thinking of making a career in this field, there has been no better time than now. 

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