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The Surprising Connection Between Your Brand And Your Packaging

Packaging isn’t just a covering for your brand. It can do a lot of things for you to benefit the performance of the brand. Continue to read down the article to know everything about your brand and packaging relation. 

Over the years packaging has changed a lot and so does the functioning of brands. With new technologies, ideas, and resources the world moves forward while creating better and better products. Did you know that most of the solid waste present is because of the packaging products which are said to be around 77.9 million tons? So how does this happen? Why packaging became such a big part of the functioning of every brand that the waste only is of this much quantity. Packaging can do a lot for your brands, which you can use to boost the business and profit. That’s why brands spend a lot of money on personalized packaging. Artwork management is the practice of automating and simplifying the processes related to artwork development and approval. Artwork Flow, an artwork and label management software that can completely transform your packaging design project which helps in collaboration, artwork proofing, launch accururate labels, artwork color extractor, font finder. In which you can distinguish the different fonts used. You can use different types of fonts for different marketing style needs like serif and non-serif, etc. 

Expression Of The Identity Of Brand

Every brand has a different identity where they maintain different quality of products, customer preference, environment consciousness, and much more. Creating packaging which can represent a brand’s identity is the main goal of every brand. That’s why companies invest so much in packaging. For example, if a company is making gluten-free and healthy products, they will be using dull colors, and most importantly, the color green will be high. 

This is to show the product and also the brand is health-conscious and will be providing healthy products for you. Another example of this is the company Rolex which has the reputation of being classy, rich, etc. They use Serif fonts to show that kind of character. Brands use a different method to convince customers into the company. Rolex has also maintained this image of donating a large sum of money to a charity that attracts a lot of people as they feel a part of that donation. 

Building A Relationship

Packaging plays a mediator between the product and customer and builds an emotional connection. Every time the brands try to do something innovative and attractive to enhance their business, the packaging is the medium to do. Recently Coca Cola announced to introduce summer packaging for the season 2021. The packaging will show “Open For Summer” and along with that, a poem will be written that’s the main feature for this season. 

The reason behind this is to encourage the customers to enjoy this joyful time and make this season unforgettable. Coca-Cola chose 24 different poems for this to make me feel excited about collecting each one.

Also, Chipotle’s “Cultivating thought series” is another example of building good relations where all the cups and bags of chipotles will be printed with content written by author Jonathan Safran Foer. 

Protecting The Product

The initial purpose of packaging was to protect the product from any kind of contamination and damage. If the product received by any customer is in bad shape, it will create a negative image and break customers’ trust. It became very important to pack stuff with good packaging regardless of their value. You must have seen the Apple products packaging, they provide strong material for the product so can’t be torn easily with separate compartments for charger, USB, and the phone.

Now packaging has also updated, multiple usage packaging is done so that it gets environment friendly like coca cola glass bottles are returned to the factory and are reused after multiple washing. 

Selling Performance

Along with good quality products and an affordable range another thing that can hype your products is the packaging. You must have seen a lot of youtube videos about unboxing products, the first thing that they talk about is the packaging. The influencers go like “ The packaging is so good and beautiful”, this is how packaging affects the first look of your product. Most people buy stuff just because they are looking good. 

Recently McDonald’s collaborated with the South Korean Kpop group BTS and McDonald’s started selling some special combos inspired by BTS. 

What they did was created the packaging with BTS purple color logos and added some small merchandise. By doing this they made a huge profit just because people wanted to buy those special packaging even though the products inside were the same. Choosing the right strategy to create the packaging that can influence your selling performance by a huge margin.  

Wrapping It Up!

There are many ways to use packaging for your benefit such as using it to let customers know about the campaigns and policies your brands follow. You can create a better relationship by creating trust and getting them on your side for long-term goals. And with different techniques like collaboration and all you can increase the selling performance. So don’t take the packaging part as the normal process of exporting and stacking products, use it as a fierce weapon to win the hearts of consumers.

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