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How to Launch Multi Website Platform? Top CMS to Use

In order to run different websites from the same platform, you can avail different options in a wide range of solutions. There are several aspects or purposes behind running multiple websites from the same platforms. Either it can be a brand, business or even a content creator who wants to do this for having more control. A network of different websites or blog can be run via one single source. WordPress Multisite is a well-known and desired feature of WordPress with which you can be able of managing various WordPress websites from a single point. But sometimes, people don’t know that how can they use this feature. Here we will discuss how to launch multi website platform and top content management systems to use.

You can develop a network of domains and directories with the help of WordPress multisite feature. Similarly, it is also easy for you to get a separate and specific domain restricted for each f your websites on the network. So, you can handle and replicate the functionality of the network of your different website. In this process, the whole network can be controlled by you and your role will be as a super admin. Being a regular admin of website, only one network can be controlled, but as a super admin, you can have the control over the accessibility of the users. These are those users who are there for setting up the WordPress blogs, create their accounts and make their own websites.

What Is The Benefit?

It becomes easy to install new plugins and themes being a super admin. You can make these themes and plugins available on the network for different websites and also, you have the control over making them customized as per the need of every website. You can also create the websites and online shops that are related to certain regions as well as the currencies used there. It is also helpful for creating websites that are intended for specific language.

How To Do It?

For going ahead to launch multi website platform, you need to fulfil a few requirements. First of all, you need to have a provider for web hosting service. That provider must be able to handle several domains in such plan that is a single web hosting plan.  A dedicated server or VPs can be used for this. It will be according to the nature of multisite network. You need to have the basic idea about installing WordPress. There you need the deactivation of all plugins.

Additional websites on your multisite network can be created. These websites will be working as subdomains of the main site. The appearance will be like or maybe there is no need to have this always, as you are supposed to have each website with a specific domain name for your content management system, WordPress multisite can be advantageous in many aspects. Here we will see what is a content management system and its types to get the better idea.

What is Content Management System CMS:

In the last decade, it was not so easy to develop a website. But thanks to technology that now a days starting a website is as easy task to do. There are numerous ways in which you can start your own website. You can manage and customize the content as you want. Those platforms which allow you to make and manage the website are known as content management systems CMS. Editing is so easy using these that you can use your system applications to edit your website. CMS has so many tools that customizing the website is not a problem anymore. You can even add plugins and extensions in those CMSs.

According to a dissertation help firm, there is a bit difference between website making software and content management systems. The website making software are usually use to make basic structure, there is no coding involved. You just copy and paste images and template like you want. But in CMS, you can dig deep like you can customize the website with lot of tools and make appearance more and more attractive. Let us enlist the top content management systems which are perfect and easy to use. Which are also known as big three.


To launch multi website platform, WordPress is the top global content management system which is handling more than 70 percent of world’s web content. It is software that is open-source and you can use it to create different types of websites no matter if these are for personal use or business use. It is the largest market share holder. It is difficult to compose its qualities in a few lines. Here are main features of WordPress.

You can have easy and simple publishing using WordPress. Not only publish, but also, you can edit it whenever you want. WordPress is another whole world. There are thousands of features and themes you can use to customize your website. It is a world widely used content management system, so the standards you use to customize would be acceptable international. There may be a task for which absolute solutions are not available in WordPress. But no need to worry, you can install plugins for that purpose.


The other options after WordPress include Drupal. It is one of the best CMS available with flexible systems to handle manual posts. User permissions are very delicate in Drupal. You can easily hire someone to take care of your website with as limited options as you can. Your privacy will remain intact and there is no need to share personal credentials. With its unique features, it is highly recommended after WordPress. It is multilingual content management system, which makes it globally acceptable. It is one of the big three CMS. Last but not the least feature of Drupal is that scalability is very easy in this CMS. What else other than flexibility, privacy and sociality you want. There is a little drawback of Drupal, it is not recommended for beginners. You should have a sound knowledge of web development to use it and to launch multi website platform.


The third of big three is CMS is Joomla. Like Drupal, this is also not user friendly for beginners. There are a lot of similarities between Joomla and Drupal. It is also very flexible for manual posts type. User management is also very construable. The big difference from Drupal is that it is recommended for the non-text content. Because of its easy user management options, its subscription is economical and affordable. It is also multilingual and independent of plugins and extensions. Another unique feature of Joomla is that you can customize your different pages with different templates. To launch multi website platform, this option is appreciable but the availability of built-in templates is questionable. There has been provided a function of extensions you can compensate the deficiencies.


To launch a multi-website platform, you can use top content management systems for having full control over all websites and domains you have.

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