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10 Amazing Things You Can Do After Getting Animation Degree Course

With the Entertainment Industry growing exponentially in India, it is set to become one of the biggest employers in times to come. Animation is an integral part of the Entertainment Sector with lucrative career opportunities for those with the right skills and knowledge from the top Animation University, along with a creative bent of mind. 

Since the Animation Industry took a foothold in India later as compared to the West, many people still confuse it with cartooning. As opposed to the mere drawing of cartoon caricatures, animation involves hi-tech 2-D and 3-D sequencing to bring alive on-screen characters. In addition to the Entertainment Sector, there are multiple employment opportunities for Animation Experts in several other fields like IT, Gaming, Advertising, E-Learning, Social Media, and so on. 

For those who are interested in pursuing this exciting career path, there are several premier universities providing BSc Animation Degree in India. Here are 10 amazing things you can do after getting an Animation Degree Course:-

Movie/Television Animation Professional

 Once you have successfully completed your degree course in Animation, you will become a sought-after professional animator in the Entertainment Industry. You can choose to work on an Animation Movie or an Animation TV Show in India. 

Gaming Expert/Developer

 There has been a massive boom in the Video Games Industry in India in the recent past. Virtual Reality and Animation are becoming increasingly important cornerstones for large gaming corporations. The market segment has expanded way beyond children and teenagers, to include young adults as well. With a BSc Animation Degree, you will have the expertise in creating Animation Games, and pursue an outstanding career as a Gaming Developer or Expert. 

Video Editors 

The rising prominence of digital media has necessitated the hiring of skilled video editors with knowledge of Animation. From creating and editing 2-D and 3-D animation videos to Whiteboard Animation and Social Media Videos for various digital media outlets, the demand for talented animators from the best Animation University is at an all-time high.

Marketing Animation Professionals

Be it for making compelling Video Infographics, to enticing Product Demos, Product Explainer Videos, or Visual Storytelling for Products Promotion, there is a massive demand for innovative and talented Animation Experts in the realm of marketing. Once you have amassed the best animation skills and knowledge, you can easily apply for any coveted Animation, Videography, or Multimedia job vacancy in the top Advertising Firms and Digital Marketing Agencies.

E-Learning Module Creator 

 In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, students are dependent on online learning modules more than ever before. With so many distance learning and online learning apps and websites taking the forefront today, the need for skilled E-Learning Module Creators is rising. A BSc Animation Degree from the right college can give you the required exposure to create riveting E-Learning Programs.

Social Media/PR Team

The social media handles of several public and private organizations put up informative animation videos regularly. You can have a promising career working with the best PR and Social Media teams of such organizations.

Freelance Animation Expert 

There are many freelancing platforms where you can virtually meet up with clients for taking up different Animation Projects on a freelance basis. There are many advantages of pursuing a freelance animation career, such as flexibility, versatility, the freedom to work from home, no stringent working hours, and the possibility to pursue other work/study endeavours alongside.

International Production Houses 

Apart from working on animation films and TV shows in India, you can even pursue an exciting career abroad, by joining international production houses. If you are keen on working abroad, then an Animation Degree from the right university can be your passport.

Teach Animation 

If you are interested in teaching animation, many renowned institutes both within India and overseas, are always on the lookout for skilled faculty members.

Set up your own Animation Studio 

For Animation Students who have an entrepreneurial streak in them, investing in an Animation Studio can indeed be a dream come true. You can hire a team to produce advertisements, TV shows, and movies on your own.


The career prospects after you successfully pass out from the best university in noida are phenomenal. If you are highly innovative, creative, possess a flair for visualization, have good artistic skills, an eye for detail, and technical acumen, then animation is the right career option for you.

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