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Best ways to improve skills in C++ Competitive Programming in 2-3 months

Competitive programming improves your problem-solving ability (applicable to any topic, not just algorithms), gives you persistence, gives you a lot of confidence, and you can find enough good people to help you. You can do something to database management system assignment help start competitive programming. I assume you are a complete beginner. 

 Here are some of the things you’ve learned about competitive scheduling: 

 You don’t have to and shouldn’t be overwhelmed 

 Never wait to gain momentum 

 Don’t try to completely change your schedule 

 Don’t let others’ success frustrate 

 Practice, practice, practice again. a lot of. 

 The best way to improve C++ competitive programming skills in 2-3 months 

 Why C++ is a competitive programming language-

 Fast, it has a library of standard templates with a lot of content. For example, if you need a good classification algorithm, you can include an algorithm library and use a function. 

 This is really useful, because you don’t want to waste time in the competition to implement basic things, such as data structures and basic algorithms. 

 Master one of the programming languages. C++, Java, and Python are recommended. 

 Also: Java sometimes leads to very complicated and inefficient programs, and Python is not allowed in ICPC, so we recommend using C ++. But Java and C can work too. 

 Ways to improve C ++ competitive programming language skills in 2-3 months: 

 Practice the “best” method of competitive programming, because different methods are suitable for different people. Our experts can explain many phenomena in the highly competitive world of programming: 

 Some people learn to program very quickly, within a few weeks of starting programming. 

 Some people are born with a great ability to solve problems. They can easily solve small problems. 

 The more you practice, the better: Of course, if you solve scheduling difficulties all day, you must be a better person, so that you can solve more difficulties in a shorter time. 

 Because there is no need for a lot of mental preparation or warm-up exercises before programming difficulties. 

 But this also means that if you solve a problem that is too easy, you can only solve a small difficulty. You can solve big problems, but you can’t solve them yet. 

 So, yes, the best strategy to improve competitive programming skills is a lot of practice, but you have to solve not only the simple problems, but also the difficult ones gradually. Get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself. 

 For example, if you are solving a competitive programming problem: 


 is one of the best places to practice coding. You have three challenges each month. 

 The long challenge is a 10-day challenge, consisting mainly of 10 questions. The 

 Short Challenge is a 2.5-hour competition that focuses on your speed and accuracy. 

 Lunchtime, mainly for school children (a great initiative by code chefs), is an IOI style competition. 


 This is a Russian website dedicated to competitive programming. 

 Codeforces provides all users with the following main services: 

 Participate in small competitions (2 hours), the so-called “Rounds of Codeforces”, held once a week; 

 Ability to solve previous competition problems for training purposes; 

 Build and test “polygons” “Question 

 as a social network using internal public blogs. 


 is a leading company in competitive programming. TopCoder holds a competitive online programming competition every two weeks: SRM or “single round competition”, also known as a weekly design and development competition. 

 Design and development work is profitable under the authorization of TopCoder, which produces useful software. Royalties are paid based on these sales to competitors involved in the manufacture of these components. 

 This may be the oldest, and a number of amazing problems appeared in previous games. 

 The upper coding area and the way of coding problems are slightly different from normal sites. 

 If you have to start competitive programming now, you will. 

 solves the 200 easiest SPOJ problems, problems. In 2 months. 

 (will teach all standard problems, algorithms and implementation skills) 

 will solve CodeChef and CodeForces problems in 2 months. 

 (teaches variants, we can read other people’s solutions and learn better methods). Skip Simple Problems) 

 Use TopCoder to troubleshoot for 2 months. 

 (Teaches dynamic programming.) Div 1 500p) 

 Check above ACM ICPC area problem 

 (Quality problem is too big) 

 If you learn a new algorithm now, it will do this 

 Read from at least 3 places -4 Different sources. 

 Understand proof of health and run-time analysis. 

 (this is very, very important, you will only know when 

 dealing with non-standard and difficult problems) 

 question the correctness of each step. Try to fine-tune your implementation. 

 Check other implementations 

 For competitive programming: 

 You should mention external links, tutorials, books, research articles, etc. on various topics such as data structures and algorithms. It should refer to the greedy point of view, winning by points, creativity / win-win, and many more. 

 Need to study passive algorithms, graphs, trees and other data structures. There are also some of the more difficult things, like ropes, split trees, etc. You will learn programming assignment help online and eventually learn after hard work. 

 In addition, you must use your skills to improve your mathematical base, including (Fibonacci, Catalan, AP, GP, HP, etc.), formulas, probabilities, permutations, combinations, etc. 

 Other subjects (e.g. physics) are sometimes required, but provide the most relevant information. 

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