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Watercolor card ideas

Mother’s Day is nearing, and you are wondering what to get your mom. The perfect gifts for this occasion are arguably all types of sweet delicacies. But what do you think of a handmade card? In this article, you are shown how to create such using watercolor for Mother’s Day. What mom wouldn’t love a homemade gift made by her kids, whether they’re 5 or 25? You will also find interesting facts about the history of Mother’s Day as well as lots of drawing ideas for your crafts.

Mother’s Day History

Like many others, Mother’s Day is also tied to a religious tradition. For centuries, the feast has been celebrated on the fourth Sunday of Lent, exactly three weeks after Easter Sunday. It was initially a day to honor and thank the Virgin Mary, also known as Mother Mary. Such celebrations forced people to visit their “mother” church – the main church or the cathedral in a family’s neighborhood. The range of Christianity entirely Europe in the 16th centenary multiplied the celebrations. She also helped add Mother’s Sunday to the calendar. I believe that it was essential that people go to their “mother” church. In this way, families got together, and family members who worked away from home were given,

Draw flowers on a piece in watercolor for Mother’s Day

One way to say I love you to our moms is to give them a beautiful hand-painted bouquet. Here we will help you learn the basics of watercolor and use them to paint beautiful flowers and cool drawing ideas. Then you could decorate cards and other crafts for Mother’s Day. Our most important tips are:

1.  Go for various brushes – try out different sizes and shapes of brushes to see the difference. If you are starting, size 6 and 10 brushes are an excellent place to start.

2.  Use the right watercolor paper – it is characterized by good water absorption.

3.  Experiment with the amount of water – different amounts of water mixed with paints create different colors.

4.  Work from light to dark – when painting with watercolors, it is best to start with lighter tones and then layer more sinister ones on top.

How to draw a watercolor card for Mother’s Day

You will need:

· watercolor palette of your choice

· Chinese calligraphy brushes

· black micron pen

· pencil

· rule


1. Take a sheet of your paper. Mark a line in the center and fold it in half.

2. Using a brush and paint of your choice, create two large circular drops in opposite corners of the card. Continue to add more minor “spots” in complementary colors around the more significant drop. Once these watercolor shapes are dry, keep adding more drops to fill in the blank space and create a bouquet.

3. Then, using only the tip of your brush, create subtle leaf shapes around and between the watercolor drops. Once you’re happy with your watercolor drops, allow the paint to dry completely before moving on to the drawing.

4. Using the Micron pen or a black ink pen of your choice, draw on each drop a kind of flower or a leaf. To do this, do not try to adapt the flower to the depth of paint. It helps to add elegance to the illustration.

5. Write your message using a pencil in the middle of the card. Again, you can use the color brush, but it’s a bit harder to handle when cleaning up details since it’s a nylon brush tip.

Watercolor card for Mother’s Day – an activity for the little ones

Here we show you an activity that can involve even the little ones. While you will have the option to capture their watercolor art for Mother’s Day by creating a lovely frame. You will need:

· white and colored card stock

· children’s watercolor palette

· scissors

· glue roller

Instructions :

1. Let your child paint their watercolor art masterpiece on the white card stock. Then let it dry completely.

2. While the paints are drying, use the scissors to cut out a frame from the colored card stock. For best results, you can cut your frame with a precision knife.

3. Cut the dried watercolor image to fit the frame.

4. Using the roller, apply glue to the back of the frame and attach to the watercolor drawing, pressing down. Repeat this step to glue the design onto another sheet of white card stock.

5. Let your kids write a sweet note and place your card inside the envelope.

Quick and easy watercolor card for Mother’s Day – without using watercolor

Did you know how incredibly easy it is to achieve a watercolor rendering even without using paint? For this, you only need a plastic bag, a few different colored pens, paper, and a wet brush. What you need to do is draw directly on the plastic bag. Then, using the brush, apply water to your paper. Next, turn the bag over so the colored side touches the moistened paper to mix the colors. Once the paint has dried, write your message above.

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