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Percentage – Definition & Examples

In mathematics, a percentage is a number or ratio expressed as a fraction of 100. It is often denoted using the percent sign “%”. Did you know that  Percentage plays a very important role in our day-to-day life? If not then I will tell you how.

Understanding the financial aspects of everyday life is important. Much of what we buy in the shops has a 10% Goods and Services Tax (GST) included in the price.

Real-Life Examples

  • A percentage is used for the comparative study of any topic. The topic may be related to Health, Geography, etc.
  • With the help of percentages, large data can be analyzed in less time with great accuracy.
  • In a time of the election, percentage plays a very important role.
  • The largest use of percentage is in the sector of business like profit or loss and many other things are related to percentage too.
  • It is useful for the government to make some decisions like reservations, and different schemes for many people.
  • It is a very effective medium to represent numerical data in the simplest way.
  • It also gives information about the increase in civilization, urbanization, and the increase in production of any industry. 

Aptitude Problems on Percentages 

Example 1: 80 is what percent of 64?

          A. 75%

          B. 85%

          C. 120%

          D. 125%

Explanation: Let x percent of 64 be 80

64 * x/100 = 80 => x = (80*100)/64 =>     x = 125

Hence, 80 is 125% of 64

Answer-) D.125%

Example 2: If A got 80 marks and B got 60 marks, then what percent of A’s mark is B’s mark?

A. 60%

B. 65%

C. 75%

D. 80%

Explanation: A’s marks = 80; B’s marks        = 60.

Let x% of A = B => x/100 * 80 = 60

=> x = (60 * 100)/80 = 75

B’s marks is 75% of A’s marks

Answer-) C. 75%

Percentage in Math

In every percentage problem there are three possible unknowns or variables :

  • Percentage
  • Part
  • Base

To solve any percentage problem, you need to identify these variables.


Example 1: 70% of 30 is 21

70 is the percentage.

30 is the base.

21 is the part.

Example 2: 6 is 50% of 12

6 is the part.

50 is the percent.

12 is the base.

Percentage Tricks

Did you know that there is a trick to calculate percentages? I will tell you how to calculate it.

So, here’s the formula with a solved problem for you.

 x % of y = y % of x

Example- Prove that 10% of 30 is equal to 30% of 10.

Solution- 10% of 30 = 3

                 30% of 10 = 3

Therefore they are equal i.e. x % of y = y % of x holds true.

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