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How to improve essay writing skills and become a better writer?

Essay writing has become relevant in today’s world. In fact, many universities would ask you to submit an essay while applying for different courses. A powerful and well-written essay can change your life. You could become a professional writer in a newspaper/magazine or get a seat in one of the top universities of the world. 

Many students get overwhelmed by the thought of writing a full-fledged essay. Don’t think of it as a task you need to do. You must write it as if you are penning down your thoughts. Writing an essay allows you to express yourself. You can improve your essay writing skills in multiple ways. 

Here’s an informative article that sheds light on how to improve your essay writing skills. At this stage you are a thinker and have noble thoughts inside your head BUT with these tips, you will start writing essays confidently. 

Tips to Improve Essay Writing Skills 

  1. Remove all the repetitive sentences in the essay body. You have put across one thought in the first paragraph, don’t repeat it again. The readers understood the first point and they would not like to read it again. Readers view repetition as a sign of laziness. 
  2. We recommend avid writers use active voice. Example of active voice: Samantha tossed the ball. Example of passive voice: The ball was tossed by Samantha. Which of these sounds better? 
  3. The most important tip we can give you is to answer the question and not beat around the bush. For example, if the essay topic is – My favorite childhood memory, you must answer this question instead of talking about another subject. The teachers will mark you on the basis of your vision and also understanding the topic. 
  4. Start debating as that will help you to understand the views of different people. If you get an essay topic from your university or schools, discuss it with your peers and family members. Hear them out before you start writing. Jot down the solid points and include them in your essay. The examiner or the reader wants the writer to put forward his/her ideas and thoughts. Moreover, they will also judge your critical thinking skills. 
  5. You must start reading essays written by others. This gives you an idea of giving structure to your article. You will also notice the language writers are using in essays. Developing a reading habit is excellent because there is a lot to learn. 
  6. Start practicing today to become a seasoned writer. If you are in school or college, make sure you practice or prepare a rough draft. Take feedback from your elders, professional writers, or even your teachers. Feedback can help you grow and you will also learn to improve your writing skills. 
  7. Skim through the dictionary to find better words to express yourself. As a writer or even a student, you need to include new words and showcase your extensive vocabulary. Can you use regular day-to-day words in your essay? The answer is no. The reader/examiner wants to see whether you understand the topic but they will also see your effort to use new words in your essay. 
  1. Fix the grammatical errors. You can use free tools to check grammatical mistakes. Technology is certainly a blessing for most students because you can easily check the errors. You can also invest in a grammar tool. 
  2. Hire an expert who can teach you all about essay writing. There are online tutors who have expertise in essay writing as well. They can help you draft an essay (99% of it will be your effort). They will guide you and also give feedback. some excellent essay writing and English tutors. 

Summing up 

It’s time to brush up your essay writing skills. Find an online language learning platform and start practicing, but make sure you get feedback too. 

The examiner wants to see your critical thinking skills, imagination, and thoughts on a particular subject. But they will also check grammatical errors. 

 Ideally, hire a tutor who would help you get better at essay writing. Choose Evopry as it houses some of the best online tutors. 

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