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Shipping Bags For Clothes

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There are a number of things to consider when choosing shipping bags for clothes. One of the most important factors is the cost. If you are trying to sell clothes, you will want to find the cheapest shipping method possible. After all, the customer will appreciate any business that cuts costs.

Compostable poly mailers for clothes can be recycled as long as they are reused. It is important to cut the top of the mailer off carefully, and secure it with packing tape. Once a mailer has been used for several purposes, take it to your local recycling facility for recycling.

Compostable mailers are thin and come in packages of fifty. The material used to make them is plant-based and is therefore biodegradable. The compostable material will degrade in three to six months. They also offer great protection for non-fragile items. They are also lightweight and durable.

Durable and tear-resistant

When it comes to shipping clothes, you need a strong, durable, and tear-resistant shipping bag. You want to use a poly mailer for this purpose because they provide better protection than boxes. They can keep clothes safe from moisture, punctures, and other elements, and their slick interior helps prevent creasing and wrinkles.

Another option is to use gusseted shipping bags. These can be particularly useful when shipping heavy items. The reinforced bottoms prevent the clothes from falling out.


When shipping clothes, there are several different options available. Many retailers use boxes or padded envelopes for smaller shipments, while others prefer to ship large quantities to distribution centers or other locations. The number of items to be shipped dictates the type of packaging needed.

Shipping clothes can be expensive, so it’s best to use affordable shipping bags. The USPS offers inexpensive rates, but they can’t guarantee delivery dates, so if you have a big package, you might want to use UPS or poly mailers. These two companies also offer discounted rates if you ship in bulk.

Takes up less space

When shipping clothes, the right packaging is key to saving money and time. You may be tempted to fill up a large box, but this will only make the shipment take up more space than necessary. Additionally, it could result in overpaying the carrier. For this reason, poly mailers are an excellent alternative to boxes. Not only do they take up less space, but they are also eco-friendly.

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