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How to Take Good Care of your Hair?

Who does not want shiny and healthy hair? Getting healthy hair is every girl’s dream and to achieve so, you require a combination of some great factors including hair products to be applied, what your eating habits are.

In this post, you will get to know about how you can take good care of your health at home and how to begin this regime to get shiny and healthy hair!

Hair Care Routine

Many of us got the genes of healthy hair; the out-of-doors environmental factors affecting the hairs can’t be escaped. You have to face bare hair or hair loss problems due to stress, pollution, environment, or other internal factors such as hormonal issues.

If you take good care of your hair, it will allow more breaks between trims and promote hair growth. Everyone wishes to have that! 

If you are more into hair dyeing and bleaching, it can lead to more hair damage. If you don’t pay attention, there can be chances that the colour being used doesn’t get absorbed into your hair. Not only your money will get wasted but also the hairs will give a fragile look. 

Knowing Hair Type 

Knowing your hair type is the factor that is the main point before anything. Since all hair types have common guidelines to follow, each hair type has some special needs to help. There are generally four types of hair – straight, curly, wavy, and kinky. The different types of hair are more or less prone to hair damage. The more prone your hair type is, the more you should be careful while making a hair care routine. 

  • Straight Hair – This hair type is less prone to damage. They are the most bouncy of all but tend to have an oily texture. People with such kinds of hair should avoid applying oil to their hairs.
  • Wavy Hair – Such hairs have frizzy textures, thus styling wavy hair is quite tough. People with frizzy hair should embrace natural curls when making their hair. 
  • Curly Hair – They are very prone to damage, have troublesome split ends, and are usually billowing. 
  • Kinky Hair – These hairs are overly frizzy, voluminous, and are more prone to hair damage for all types. 

Hair Care Products

Your hair needs proper hydration, but you don’t need any costly product to take care of your hair. Make sure that the product suits your hair type. You may come across different advertised products, but not everyone is relevant for your hair and may do more harm than good. 

  • Shampoo – It is the most basic thing that you will be using. What you might not be doing is checking the labels before choosing one. Not every shampoo is suitable for every hair type. Make a thorough look at ingredients that will bring to your hair texture. Those with less straight or less oily hair need a lot of hydration. Pick up a shampoo that you like and stick to it. You can also go with a hair scalp massager shampoo brush to get the best massage while applying shampoo to the hair. There are many customized shampoo recipes that can be prepared at home.
  • Conditioner – Those having fine straight hair should avoid this step. Use conditioner after shampoo to bring some extra moisture into your hair. Apply it to the length of your hair and rest it for 2-3 minutes. Then rinse it off! Not every hair type requires conditioner; you can give it a try to see how your hair reacts to it. 
  • Mask – Hair mask works stronger than a conditioner. Similar to conditioner, it also gets applied after shampoo. Those with frizzy, curly, and kinky hairs should always keep it at hand. Dry and damaged hairs will get more benefit from the mask than that of the conditioner. 
  • Oil – They can be added as a great supplement to your daily routine, after taking a shower or before going to bed. Fine hair can avoid the oil, but those with frizzy and dry hairs can take benefit from it. Choose which works best for your hair!

How Much Hair Wash is required? 

People wash their hair more often than needed. Do not go for daily wash, whatever is your hair type. This is because the hair requires time between the washes to generate the natural oil which gets reduced by the shampoo washes. Fine hairs can be washed every other day, but the other hair type needs some rest days.

Hair Tools

If you wish to get healthy hair, comb it regularly. Remember overdoing combing can harm your hairs and result in breakage of your hairs. Combing is done to eliminate the knots and make sure you use a good brush for the same. If you are a fashion pro, always use comfortable hair accessories that do not pull the hair. From bobby pins, scrunchies to a mini claw clip, headbands, you can get a stylish look without damaging your hair.


How you should dry your hair is under air or using a towel. Go for a hairdryer that suits your needs. Towel dry your hairs to the most so that you don’t feel the need for a tool. Also, when you are stepping out, shield your hair with a hat.

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