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High Level Legends of Aries Birthstone

Before delivering the deep analysis of Aries Birthstone, first, we want to work on a brief and comprehensive introduction of Aries. The dates for Aries are from 21 March to 19 April. It owns a RAM sign and fire element. In zodiac classification, it is at the first position. Therefore Aries always strive for the first position in their life. They do struggle with dedication till they achieve the desire goals of life.

Aries are born in spring, a very pleasant season of the year that gives message of calmness and mental tranquility. These individuals become optimistic through their learning having firm belief in positive way of life. The Aries Birthstone personalities are motivated and very social in handling affairs of life. RAM sign delivers the message of bravery and courage.

Classification of Aries Birthstone

According to the dates and months Aries birthstones are classified into two stones that are linked with two months and their details with their attributes are listed below.

Aquamarine: March Birthstone

The assigned month for this gemstone is March and dates are from 21 March to 31 March. This stone has very strong bond with the water and has proved useful for those persons that do their journey through sea.

Aries Birthstone Color invokes sea color. These color hues are from deep greenish blue to light blue tones. This is one natural stone that is free from inclusions. This transparency in color dishes up a message of purity of spirit and soul.

As time passed the use of Aries gemstone by various nations and cultures has explored its dynamic and multiple meanings. For instance one source relates it to Latin with meaning of seawater. On other hand ancients marines used to keep this stone with them in dangerous voyages to clam the very stormy sea waves.

People present aquamarine birthstone jewelry on their 19th anniversary. It is at 7.5 to 8 Moh scale of hardness and is very durable for jewelry items. But one has to be very caring about the cleaning of the stone. You can clean it in hot water, mild soap water and tooth brush to the scrub the dust accumulated on various places of gemstone, especially at back of the stone.

Diamond: April Birthstone

It is one the most valued gemstones in the world. Aries Birthstone has dates range from 01 April to 19 April. This stones has amazing attributes since its exploration to the world. It can assist you in beautification and also has use in industry at wide level.

The scientists are hoping its use in preparation of microchip that have high efficiency as compared to the gadgets prepared with the semiconductor material.

Today diamond is also preferred in medical industry to diagnose the diseases and for skin exfoliation.

As diamond is the hardest stone, so it is very useful in mining purposes. Moreover, it is used in the tools for cutting and polishing the objects that are prepared with precious materials.

Aries Birthstone has weight that can be measured in units Carat. Some people mix size and weight of the diamond that are entirely different quantities. The value of the gemstone is assessed with the weight of the stone. Increase or decrease of one point in the weight of the gemstone affects the price of Aries gemstone.

A pure and mineral diamond is colorless with no hues. The sparkling traits of this diamond are very high. Color of the diamond also influences the price of the Aries Birthstone.

Clarity is another main factor that is inevitable to ignore as it has deep relation with market value of the gemstone.

With the ideal cut diamond sparkles a lot. If a cut is not applied professionally, a high-quality diamond can produce a lesser sheen.

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