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Why is advertising in Telegram important for business ??

Today, advertising has a great impact on the growth and development of businesses. And to be more effective you should use a suitable platform for advertising. A suitable platform is a popular one. Since social networks have a large amount of audience and people pay maximum attention to these platforms, they can be a good option for advertising. Telegram is one of the most popular social networks. In this article, we want to talk about the importance and methods of advertising in this messenger and the limitations that this messenger has considered for the audiences. Stay with us…

The importance of advertising in the telegram

Since Telegram is a fast and free messenger, it has many users who use it daily. Some interesting and practical features of this messenger have made Telegram a popular messenger among the people. However, if you advertise your business in such a messenger, you can increase your income because this messenger has the necessary features to create an online business. Because in this messenger, you can communicate with people in different ways in the shortest possible time, you can also publish photos, videos, and textual content to introduce your product and business, and you can be informed of the opinions and experiences of your viewers and customers.

As we said, Telegram is one of the most popular social networks among users and there are many features for advertising and business growth in this messenger. Note that advertising in Telegramis not simple, because Telegram has considered restrictions to prevent free advertising of users in this messenger. In the following, we want to introduce the methods of advertising in Telegram and offer you solutions to bypass the restrictions of Telegram.

Advertising methods in Telegram

In general, the advertising methods in Telegram are divided into 3 parts, each of which has its advantages.

• Advertising in people’s private chats

• Advertising in telegram groups

• Advertising on Telegram channels

  1. Advertising in people’s private chats: Because people always pay special attention to the messages that are sent to them in private chats, the efficiency of advertising in private chats is very high. In this advertising method, the probability of visiting your post is 100% and you can see good results. Old methods, such as sending SMS, distributing paper flyers, and city-wide billboards, have lost their effectiveness, and people are accustomed to this type of advertising, which is why they ignore such advertisements. So, the best method for advertising is social networks. But, this method of advertising may impose restrictions on you. This messenger has restrictions so that users cannot simply advertise in this messenger.
  2. Daily Posting Limit: Daily Posting Limit means you cannot send messages to more than 50 people in one day. While this amount is very low for advertising and has no effect. This restriction only applies to strangers (people who have not saved their number and have not chatted with you before).

The solution to overcome this limitation: To be able to send more than 50 messages to strangers during the day, you should use more accounts. For example, if you want to send messages to 500 people, we have to use 10 lines to reach 500 submissions. It will be very time-consuming if we want to do this manually with 10 lines and switch between lines constantly. So, we have to use a tool to do all these steps automatically. This tool that we recommend to you is the virtual user telegram bulk messages sender bot.

  • Blocking and Reporting by Users: When you send a message to strangers, they may block or report you. And if your Telegram account is reported many times, Telegram will block your account.

The solution to overcome this limitation: if you do not want to be blocked and reported you should choose your target audience correctly and write an appropriate advertising message. For example, you should send the content of cosmetics to women, otherwise, you will not see good results. And you should attract audiences using a good advertising text

  • Advertising in Telegram groups: You can advertise in two ways in Telegram groups. You can also create a group yourself and add your audience and customers to that group, or you can send your advertising message to crowded groups. creating a group and increasing the number of its members can be a good way to communicate with customers and introduce your products and services. But there is a limit that you can add only add 50 people in the group during the day. You can use several lines (Telegram account) to avoid this restriction. For example, if you want to add 500 people in one day, you must have 10 lines (Telegram account). There are two problems with it.

Managing multiple lines and moving between lines is difficult: Note that if you want to manage a large number of lines, it will be difficult and time-consuming. So, the best way is to use a tool. The virtual use telegram bulk message sender package that we introduced in the previous section also can switch between multiple lines automatically.

People who enter the group may block or report the group: You should add people to the group who are interested in the field of your business, in which case they will not report you.

Sending advertising messages to crowded groups can be a good option, Because the more audience you have, the more effective your ads will be. But you should also note that in crowded groups, the number of messages is very high, and this is why your ads may not be noticed amid a large volume of messages. On the other hand, the admins of some groups do not allow individuals to advertise. However, sending an advertising message to the group is not very effective. But we have to use the people in the crowded groups to prepare a number bank and send a message to their private chat. To extract the ID or number of members of Telegram groups, you can use the virtual user Telegram Bot. And also, depending on the content and title of the groups, you can easily have the IDs and numbers of people who are interested in your content and field of work. In this case, sending your advertising message is done purposefully.

So far, we have introduced the methods of advertising in private chats, telegram groups, and we have explained the obstacles and restrictions of these methods and their solution, and in the last section, we want to introduce you to advertising in Telegram channels.

  • Advertising in Telegram channels: Advertising in Telegram channels is done in 3 ways. Has 3 parts
  • CPM ads: In this method, your post will remain the last channel post until you reach the desired number of views. In this way, you spend the cost of advertising quite purposefully because you pay as much as the traffic your post receives and you do not incur additional costs.
  • CPC ads: In this method, like the previous method, your ad post remains until the last number of clicks of the last channel post is reached. As with the previous method, the cost you spend on advertising is targeted.
  • Fixed and Hourly ads: In this advertising method, you pay for the number of actions that end at the specified time. You can choose between two 12- and 24-hour time ranges, but you can choose between 12 hours a day and 12 hours a night.

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