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 Nobody Cares About Boneyard Bunker Code In 2022

The Boneyard Bunker is located in Verdansk. The map will display you the grid ‘B7’. The code will be within the pinnacle proper corner of the grid. If you’re having trouble locating the correct codes, just take them into account to preserve the course and hold a watch at the tallest building. You’ll discover the B7 Boneyard Bunker at the decrease-left corner of the map.

Boneyard bunker code

There are Boneyard Bunkers in Call of Duty: Warzone. The North Boneyard is in the B5 segment of the map

Bunker Code Boneyard in Call of Duty: Warzone

In Call of Duty: Warzone, you may get entry to two one-of-a-kind forms of bunkers through the usage of the bunker code. to get into the Boneyard, look for a building with a curved access point. If you have hassle navigating it, you can constantly use a secret code to free up the door. Bunker code boneyard

The B7 Boneyard Bunker is located in Verdansk. To open the bunker, you need to apply the B7 grid code.

The Boneyard has twelve bunker locations, which include that are near the Boneyard POI. The Boneyard bunker codes are pretty clean to locate and are easy to locate if you recognize the proper places to head.

Boneyard Bunker Code How to Unlock the South Boneyard Bunker

The South Bunker is on the other facet of the map, on the other facet of the nameless warehouses. It has curved access factors that can help you input the bunker with a barred door. To open the door, input the North Boneyard bunker code 87624851. The North Boneyard is placed in the B5 section of the map.

North boneyard bunker code

The North Boneyard Bunker is found in the north, simply beyond the street. You need to go into the North Boneyard Bunker code 97264138 to unlock the South. The South Bunker code is 97264138. The code for the South is identical. This is the second one-to-final area within the Bunker. The first part of the Bunker is blocked via a pin pad.

The South Boneyard Bunker is positioned on the opposite aspect of the street, near the doorway to the town. To input the Bunker, you have to locate the Red Steel Trailer. The Red Steel Trailer will provide you with the precise coordinates of getting into the North Boneyard Bunker code. The code for the South is 97264138.

The North Boneyard Bunker code can be used to free up the South Boneyard Bunker. The code is 87624851. You need to find the 5 Intel documents to get entry to the Bunker. To free up the OP weapons, you’ll want to go into the South Boneyard Bunker code. These guns incorporate 2 Intel documents.

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