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What you have to do before hand over your car to a car transport company

You are in a hurry to move to the new house and looking for the best service of car transport in Pune. Make sure you are going to hire a reliable and trusted company who are experts to do the car transport job. To ensure that your vehicle is safely and securely relocated you have to follow some essential tips and a Checklist beforehand over the car to the company. 

Always begin with a clean vehicle:

Your vehicle never looks great if it doesn’t be properly cleaned. But it can make all the processes of noticing the car simpler for you. Make sure there are no stains or scratches on the car before handing it over to the car transport company. You will miss out on the chance of getting insurance coverage if the car is not properly cleaned. Most of the good service provider of car transport in Pune takes the picture of the car before sending for transit and after reaching the desired destination. The image will prove if there are any stains or scratches on the car during transit. 

Remove personal items:

When you are cleaning and washing your vehicle for transporting, the right thing to do is remove all the personal belongings you have inside the car. While cleaning the interiors of the car, you need to remove all the personal belongings from the car. Some of the car transport in Pune allows shifting your personal belongings along with the car, but you cannot get the insurance coverage for your personal belongings. In case of any lost stolen or damaged, you have to paid from your pocket. Everything means individual things and any removable parts of the car. All vehicle transport companies do not provide insurance or liability for any personal items inside the vehicle.

Make sure all the detachable car accessory is removed from the car:

For Car Transport in Pune, professional shifting companies also advise you to remove any type of GPS system, mirror, antenna, and luggage and bike rack before the car is relocated. This protects you from being completely protected from all costly damage as well as from damage to other vehicles through this system. This makes it simpler and easier for the driver to move the car. 

Before giving the car to a car transport company, you need to check the car properly and ensure that every single parts of the car are appropriately bolted or evacuated. Transporting car needs significant amount of investment and a considerable amount of development. By locking up the parts including haze lights, mirrors, spoilers, radio wires, you can secure the car moving procedure and don’t forget to close the window. 

Disable your car alarm 

The car owners need to do everything to secure the car transportation. Securing car transportation is the duty of a car moving company as well as a car owner. So it is profoundly essential to deactivate the alert system of the car particularly when you are setting up your vehicle for transport. If you neglect to detach your alarm system, it will create some problem in transit. It will create problem during the delivery. 

Try not to top off the tank with gas 

Fuel can increase the car weight, which may create the obligation in transportation. So it is commended by the good car transport company like Logisticbuddy to remove some amount of fuel from the car tank and make it around 1/4 of a tank with fuel. The car should have few fuels by which it can moved. 

Just before the shifting day check for issues:

Your car must be thoroughly inspected before loading into the trailer of car transport in Pune. It is a great idea to check things in advance if there is a problem with the car. During a car inspection, the problems like low pressure in tires or a leak in the oil tank can be involved. If you are aware of this problem, try to solve it before handing it over to the shifting company, because if there are some problems they may refuse to drive your car. The company itself inspects everything so that no untoward incident or damage to other vehicles occurs.

Double check the car before transit:

When setting a pick-up date for a car, you must make sure that your car has a little fuel, that the car’s tank should never be filled, and that any alarms should be disabled. Now your car is ready for transit. So you need not to worry about it. 

By following these vehicle moving tips, you will guarantee the secure transportation of your car. If you find out the service of dependable car transport in Pune, the car moving procedure becomes error-free and secure. A good car moving company knows very details of the car shipping procedure. 

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