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Features of Courier Delivery of Fragile Cargo

The spread of online commerce has expanded the list of goods that are transferred for delivery from entrepreneurs to a courier Singapore service. If earlier, more often than not, customers ordered clothes, but now everything is served through e-commerce – from food to antiques. And parcels are sent to all regions of the country, as well as abroad. At the same time, both sellers and buyers are worried about how well the delivery of goods offered for online stores, relatively fragile goods, will be performed.  

It is important to understand that there are risks when transporting any goods. Even the most responsible courier service cannot insure 100% against them. Damage, complete destruction, violation of storage conditions, are possible. For this reason, the rules for the transportation of fragile goods require mandatory marking with special designations, as well as careful packaging and fixation in the car body.

Features and classification of fragile cargo

Fragile goods include any goods and items that are subject to easy destruction during their delivery. They have specific characteristics – they break under mechanical stress, falling, careless handling, strong pressure. Delivery of fragile goods for online stores is carried out in compliance with all precautions.

There are such groups of goods:

  • Crockery and table accessories – made of crystal, ceramics, porcelain, glass
  • Decor – clocks, mirrors, chandeliers
  • Antique items
  • Office and consumer electronics and appliances
  • Musical instruments
  • Building materials – ceramic tiles, wall panels, drywall
  • Auto parts
  • Plumbing

This list is quite extensive. At the same time, separate requirements are imposed on the transportation, as well as the packaging of each of the groups of goods. 

Features of packaging fragile cargo

In order to ensure the delivery of fragile cargo safe and sound, it must be packed with great care. Globally, there are two types of packaging – the inner one, which is inside the box, and the outer one, respectively, the outer part of the protection.

If several items are placed in one box, or they have separate elements, then each of them is packed separately and only then placed in a strong box or container. In order to exclude damage to the cargo due to shaking on the way, all the voids that are in the container are completely filled. And if there are several items in the box, then conditions are provided so that they do not touch each other.

What is used for internal packaging of fragile goods?

  • Air bubble film has good protective properties and low cost;
  • Polyfoam is a lightweight material with shock-absorbing properties. Since it breaks easily, it is most often used for packaging electronic equipment, in the form of plates of a certain configuration;
  • A box made of wood, iron – allows you to securely fix objects inside, protect them from external shocks;
  • Packaging paper is used to wrap oversized items before they are placed in a box;
  • Cardboard is used to fill free space in large containers with large fragile items. But its corrugated version creates rather rigid boxes for stacking packed objects;
  • Foam rubber is a soft and light material that practically does not add weight to the package. Most often, it is chosen for valuable items and is used as an interlayer between several products.

External protection includes packing in a box made of heavy cardboard, wood, plastic, or metal. Cardboard boxes are most often installed on wooden flights and additionally lined. In addition, the courier delivery service secures the shipment with special devices. This is a guarantee that the goods will be fixed, not damaged by shaking, sharp blows, accidental falling.

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