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Essential Technologies for Employees in Field Positions

In today’s increasingly mobile and tech-centric world, field employees need the right tools and technologies to make their jobs easier and more efficient. From laptops to tablets to smartphones, the right technology can help field employees stay connected and productive while they’re on the go. But which technology is essential for field employees to get the job done? Read on to find out the essential technologies field employees need to stay connected and efficient while they’re out in the field.


Laptops are a critical part of the field employee’s technology arsenal. They are a critical tool for conducting a range of tasks, from writing reports and emails to managing project schedules and meeting agendas. Field employees may work in a variety of locations, which can make transporting laptops difficult. When employees need to transfer data or access a network that may be unavailable at another location, a laptop can be their best friend. When choosing a laptop for field employees, you should consider everything from battery life to screen size and portability, to ensure you’re choosing the right tool for the job. You should also consider whether your field staff needs laptops with a keyboard or a convertible model and whether they will need laptops that are compatible with special software or hardware.


Field employees are increasingly turning to smartphones as their primary computing devices. Smartphones offer users the convenience of accessing information, making calls, and staying connected, wherever they are. In addition, smartphones can be a useful tool for field employees who need to take notes, take photos, or send emails while out in the field. Most field employees will want a smartphone that is easy to use and has a large display. You should also consider a phone that is durable and has a battery life that will last throughout the day.


Tablets have become a popular option for field employees looking for a hybrid device that combines the portability of a smartphone with the power of a laptop. As a hybrid device, tablets are not without their challenges. They are not as powerful or as durable as laptops, which can make them less suitable for some jobs, and they do require a different set of skills to use efficiently. For this reason, tablets are often combined with laptops, especially when employees need to work with high-end software. With all of these factors in mind, field employees should choose a tablet that has the right operating system, offers a large enough screen, and has the battery life and other features necessary for the employee’s role.

Collaboration Tools

Field employees who need to collaborate often need a reliable way to access their team and other stakeholders. While some teams may use a virtual tool like GoToMeeting or Zoom, most field employees will want a reliable tool that can be accessed online. When possible, field employees should look for a tool that offers remote access, which can help them work from anywhere. As they choose a collaboration tool, field employees should consider a number of factors, including the features their team uses most often, and the capabilities of the tool.

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is one of the most important areas to focus on when choosing the right technologies for field employees. Especially when they work remotely, field employees need a reliable means of storing and accessing their data. To ensure the right technology is in place, field employees should look for a cloud storage service that offers remote access, features that are useful for the job, and a subscription plan that is affordable. Like many of the other technologies field employees use, cloud storage can vary depending on the type of work field employees perform. For example, a field employee who works in marketing may choose a cloud storage service that offers content-based or keyword-based storage, while an engineer may want unlimited storage.

Mobile Applications

Mobile applications are a useful addition to the field employee’s technology arsenal. They can help field employees stay organized, access digital forms, and reduce the risk of making errors. When it comes to choosing a mobile application, field employees should look for a tool that has useful features that are easy to utilize.


Field employees rely on numerous technologies to get the job done. From laptops to smartphones to wearable devices, the right technology can help employees stay connected and productive while they’re out and about. When selecting the best technologies for field employees, you should first consider battery life, portability, and cost. After this, you can hone in on specific features that will be necessary to have.

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