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Why Should Mobile App Developers Go For React?

Introduction of React 

React, also known as React JS, is maintained primarily by Facebook and other developers. It’s a JavaScript library used to build user interfaces or their components. 

It was initially released on May 29, 2013, while the stable release was rolled out on March 22, 2021.

React can be used as the base around which mobile applications are built.

What Is React Development?

React Development or React JS Development is mainly used for creating web pages and media applications. Therefore, it is most useful for developing single-page applications, which in turn facilitates the development of mobile applications as these are generally single pages.

What Does A React Developer Do?

A React Developer designs user interfaces for websites and applications using React JS. They are responsible for creating the interactive front of a web page by utilizing or creating components that can exchange data with a backend server.

Why Should Mobile Developers Go For React?

React JS Development helps to develop mobile applications with greater ease of use. It most effectively enhances the work of mobile app developers in the following ways:

  • Easier and Faster Learning

It is easier to learn the functionalities of React and use it to build further applications.

React has been received well by both veteran and newbie developers.

  • Platform Versatility

Applications created using React JS Development Services are versatile across all platforms. Apps, thus created, are capable of working compatibility across Android and iOS without any platform-specific code.

This means the said code can be used to develop applications for the web, iOS, and Android, with negligible changes being made. 

  • Platform-Specific Code

However, a few instances might require the usage of platform-specific codes. Here, React provides Platform Module and Platform Specific File Extensions. The former helps in detecting the software or platform the concerned application is operating on. This is used to determine implementations specific to the said platform. Platform-Specific File Extensions further allows developers to remodel their files as per platform requirements. React then automatically selects the most appropriate field based on the operating software the application is functioning on.

  • Code Reusability

React JS Development supports code reusability, which is also why it has been particularly useful to developers.

This, in turn, helps developers in saving time and, therefore, enhances their overall productivity. They can now stick to their deadlines and develop more apps in a short period.

  • Developers Do Not Need To Keep Fixing Bugs

The framework of React facilitates the development of advanced applications. One minor bug fix can subsequently result in bug fixes in other platforms like Android and iOS. Due to this, developers don’t need to spend their time fixing minor glitches in the app and can focus on more important tasks.

  • Prevents Device Lagging

Mobile applications developed using React JS Development prevent the applications’ user interface from lagging or crashing. Such lags are most commonly witnessed when an app’s UI is too complex.  

React assisted by JavaScript helps in running such complex applications smoothly. It is thus also very user-friendly.

  • Live Updates

Development of mobile applications using React helps developers push related updates to the user’s device. The latter, thus, does not have to go through the cumbersome task of the app store updates.

  • Quality of Apps Developed

While React makes the whole process of app development quite easy and less time-consuming, it also aids the development of applications of high and enriched quality.

  • Employment Generation

The incorporation of React JS Development consequently helps in the generation of employment as now trained professionals will be required to develop it further accordingly and work with the same. These professionals, also referred to as React Developers, introduce a new range of services and lines of work. It thus helps in generating more employment opportunities.

  • High Level Of Security

Nowadays, more and more developers are shifting from HTML to React because of the high level of security it guarantees. Here, the security offered by a specific program code makes it very difficult for anyone to hack into the application and disrupt its functioning.

  • Personalized UI As Per The User

React app development is characterized by the feature that enables it to deliver a personalized user interface according to the user. Using this framework, mobile developers can provide personalized and better user experiences to different users of the same application.

  • Support For Third-Party Plugins

Developing new software for mobile applications can be hectic and time-consuming for the developers. Using React JS Development, the number of efforts needed to be put in by these developers is minimized to a great extent as React is maintained primarily by Facebook. In addition, Facebook has a vast range of JavaScript libraries.

These plugins thus, help a developer in improving the performance of their applications.

  • Limited Usage of Memory

React mobile applications utilize minimal memory or space on platforms (which also prevents lagging). This is made possible by React not requiring cross-bridge linking. Hence, most codes are put to action in real-time, i.e., while the application is running. 

  • Online Community

React has a huge, widespread online community that consists of programmers and provides assistance related to React JS Development. This community thus enables these app developers to seek guidance as and when required.

Credibility of React

Today, most app developers have shifted to React Development as it benefits them in the ways mentioned above. In addition, some of the leading applications like Facebook, Instagram, Skype, Uber, Tesla, and Discord have already employed React in their respective app development. 

Thus, React Development is credible enough to push more developers towards switching to the same for their app creation and development purposes.


Today, React JS Development has become one of the fastest-growing and in-demand front-end development libraries worldwide. It provides extremely developed and high-quality features alongside a high-security system.

In cases where developing a mobile application is proving to be a tedious, time-consuming, and cost-ineffective task, React can be one’s savior in disguise.

However, users ought to make sure they hire a React app developer with decent skill and expertise.

Author Bio

Kamal Singh is a technical expert, a passionate writer, and a seasoned IT professional and who is working with Devstringx, a best custom software development company in India. His role includes overall quality assessment and business development for Devstringx. He also holds in-depth knowledge of IT outsourcing services and remote hiring of developers.

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