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What is SD-WAN Market growth?

SD-WAN Market:

In the coming years, the adoption of 5G applications and infrastructure will continue to drive the growth of the global SD-WAN market. The new services on SD-WAN can also be adapted to the expansion of the market in all regions. The PMR report also looks at the growing importance of SD-WAN in the healthcare and retail sectors. While North America will continue to be the largest regional SD WAN market, more opportunities will emerge from the South Asia-Pacific region over the next decade.

SD-WAN Market Trend

Demand for more robust and secure IT networks to drive adoption of SD-WAN technology – Software Defined Area Network has contributed to the most disruptive network technology. SD-WAN enables a variety of deployment options, including full cloud-based, hardware, and hybrid solutions. SD-WAN technology has also been widely adopted to facilitate branch management and consolidation from key locations. New technologies are also emerging that will power local servers, such as next-generation hard drives (SSDs), hyper-converged infrastructure, and advanced microprocessor processors (AMD). With the adoption of new services in SD-WAN, the size of the global SD-WAN market will continue to expand rapidly in the projected period from 2020 to 2030.

Increasing SD-WAN Adoption in Healthcare: SD-WAN has emerged as the network-changing technology for healthcare. SD-WAN offers cost-effective connectivity and scalability over wide area networks to integrate network visibility and security for healthcare networks. It enables healthcare organizations to eliminate the flexibility and complexity of managing network functionality and simplify the high cost of implementation. This factor is increasing demand and increasing the importance of the SD-WAN market in the healthcare sector.

Growing Demand for SD-WAN in Sales: SD-WAN solves a number of challenges such as securing connectivity with cloud applications and unified management to reduce IT costs. Vendors need a secure, robust and scalable network solution. A combination of fast Internet connection delivery and fast deployment of SD-WAN tools allows vendors to deploy e-Commerce sites. SD-WAN also offers significant benefits to multi-site customers, which increases the demand for SD-WAN in the retail sector.

Technological Developments in SD-WAN: In the age of technological advances, SD-WAN offers a number of benefits to organizations of all sizes, such as lower cost, increased productivity, and transforming the customer experience. New SD-WAN platforms allow users to deploy cloud solutions.

For example, Cisco Systems, Inc. their new SD-WAN services peripheral platform to support customers ’cloud adoption, to deliver secure and automated connections to applications across data centers, clouds and peripherals.

Regional Outlook of SD-WAN Market

North America will be the largest market in terms of SD-WAN market share, due to growing demand for next-generation 5G networks that support SD-WAN to create network upgrades. South Asia and the Minch are expected to see significant growth in the global SD-WAN market in the forecast period. Increased adoption of your own device (BYOD) at workplaces and growing IT consumption is expected to drive SD-WAN growth in the region.

Marketing Research Approach – done through years of hard work

A key feature for our unparalleled market research accuracy is our expert and data-based analysis methods. We combine an eclectic mix of knowledge, analysis, machine learning, and data science to develop research methods that deliver multi-faceted, yet rational, market analysis.

Impact of COVID-19 on the SD-WAN market

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically affected businesses around the world. During the lockdown, most companies temporarily closed their offices and employees worked from home, accessing corporate networks and resources remotely for business continuity and growth. This has increased the adoption of high-performance WAN and remote solutions.

By using SD-WAN, many companies can use reliable unified collaboration platforms such as Zoom, Teams, WebEx, and others. These platforms also enable healthcare organizations to deliver superior care by reliably connecting all elements of their healthcare ecosystem. SD-WAN technology is being used to enable physicians and healthcare professionals to provide telemedicine more safely and efficiently from their offices and from their home sites.

The high demand for SD-WAN services in 2019 continues in the first two quarters of 2020. However, it is estimated that the SD-WAN market will witness 1.3X growth in Q3-Q4 2020 and 2021 as well. IT teams increasingly rely on SD-WAN to drive network security, increasing the growth of the SD-WAN market.

SD-WAN Market: Competitive Landscape

Innovation in SD-WAN solutions and partnerships are key strategies followed by major players in the global SD-WAN market to increase their business revenue. SD-WAN providers are focusing on service innovation to increase their market share.

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