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What are the most popular types of glovebox systems available for labs?

A modern lab has so much new and innovative equipment that you can use to conduct a multitude of experiments. This equipment allows you to conduct a variety of different experiments with precision and accuracy. It might often appear to be a bit overwhelming to understand how these function initially, but once you get the hang of it, you will see that these are essential aspects to the efficient working of your lab. Modern labs allow you to recreate specific working environments in which you can maintain the pressure and temperature to prevent contaminating your samples. You can also procure specific safety equipment to protect your workers. One of the best pieces of equipment for labs is the glove box, and in this article, you will learn more about them.

What are glove boxes?

Glove boxes are specialized equipment that finds prolific usage in modern labs. These boxes are crucial because they let your lab workers work with specific materials in their experiments which require them to physically touch the samples. The glove box can help to maintain both the accuracy and the precision of such experiments by providing a controlled environment. These boxes can be quite effective in ensuring that lab workers do not get contaminated while they conduct experiments with biological samples. They also ensure that the samples themselves do not get contaminated. You can find that two of the most popular forms of glove boxes include the portable and the isolation glove box. 

Isolation Glove Box

The isolation glove box system is quite unique in its efficient functionalities. It is available in a variety of new materials like acrylic, PVC, and even steel. There are a number of such glove boxes which are made with white propylene too. These glove boxes are quite resistant to fire, rust, corrosion, and other types of chemical reactions. Isolation glove boxes that are made of acrylic can be perfect for doing any type of processing work. But, you need to be careful with these because acrylic glove boxes may get damaged by certain chemicals and alcohol. Hence, these boxes are primarily avoided in experiments where such chemicals are essential. You can, however, use a static dissipative PVC isolation glove box also to remove all the static charges that may keep the environment free of all particulate matter. You may also use a white propylene glove box in order to conduct chemical and medical tests and experiments. 

What is present inside an isolation glove box?

An isolation glove box system will have a specific air locking system that can pass through a chamber and then easily measure and even minimize any loss of oxygen so as to minimize the amount of contamination. These boxes also will have valves that are useful in reducing the pressure within the chamber. In an isolation glove box, you would notice that there are two doors that can provide you with internal access within the chamber. The doors will open inwards and may help in easily transferring different things within the glove box. These doors are made of stainless steel, and so these are quite strong. You may also see rubber bulbs with vinyl gaskets within the glove boxes. 

Portable Glove Boxes

A portable glove box is smaller in volume and offers fewer features. These boxes can be useful to serve the basic functions of the glove box, and you can easily use them to manipulate lab samples within a controlled atmosphere. The portable glove box is available in both a single feet tall model and three feet one. These glove boxes come with two glove ports. You can also find some models with four and even five glove ports. However, these are larger in size and can be a bit cumbersome. You can find such Glove Box Systems easily on the internet.


Both the portable and the isolation glove box have specific features which can come quite handy in a lab. You can use this equipment for conducting different experiments in the lab. You may get more information about the glove box from the internet. You can get glove boxes from both online and offline suppliers, but online suppliers will offer you cheaper deals with better discounts. 

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