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Top 7 Gamers Earning Too Good For Living, Check Out The List

Not only teenagers are hooked on devices all day, but people categorized of all ages are also turning into avid gamers. Video gaming and streaming have rapidly become the buzz of the town with the number of new gamers turning from a sturdy stream, and the count is almost a billion worldwide. For a young growing authentically skillful gamer, the world is at its showcase in streaming.

Popular streamers are making millions of fortune by entertaining their fans in the course of their gaming skills and virtual experience. For most of us, gaming is finishing the missions and to reach the uppermost level of a video game. While that might be the case for laid-back gamers, it is a whole dissimilar world for professional gamers. These pro gamers take home a huge amount of earnings from gaming. These video games are known as professional tournaments with official World Cups and you can play games for real money.

Video gaming is no longer an amusement of purported home individuals; the professionalization of this movement has now authorized it as a career choice for brilliant players to earn millions and sign money-spinning sponsorship deals. What is more, the easy convenience of eSports has been attracting audiences of all kinds. Millions of e-sport enthusiasts were identified to regularly follow the industry with an even larger number of occasional viewers who tuned in to watch the bigger events. This figure is projected to grow steadily soon.

Let’s get to know the front runners of this sports world, in terms of earnings

1. PewDiePie (Felix Kjellberg) – $15 Million

Felix “PewDiePie” started streaming on the YouTube channel in 2010. With the first videos of him on YouTube fans immediately took to the comedian’s sense of humor. After 3 years, PewDiePie turned out to be the most-subscribed to YouTube channel. With over 100 million subscribers on YouTube, he is one of the top YouTubers. Viewers just love his content.

PewDiePie doesn’t only do Let’s Plays, he does a variety of content apart from & barring gaming, and he does a lot of humorous videos, a collection about other things such as a meme, anime, Internet dramas, and roast videos. He has made a tidy fortune during his career Unlike Ninja, who unexpectedly found overnight success. PewDiePie the second wealthiest video gamer, put up his fan base progressively over the years and bit by bit climbed to the top. Recently, he told his fans that in the upcoming year he will focus more on streaming with a special deal with YouTube.

2. Mark Fischbach (Markiplier) – $14 Million

Mark Fischbach is known as “Markiplier”. He has 25 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. The Hawaiian gamer’s whole income is about $14 million. His channel ‘Markiplier’ makes him one of the well-known and rich video game players. He is appreciated for his gameplay videos of indie games & many more. It was his cynical and over-the-top reactions that make his gaming videos even more entertaining and charming than they would have been otherwise.

Hawaii-born YouTube sensation Markiplier first triumphed fans’ hearts with horror games. He has a witty and fun-loving personality that draws the attention of YouTube’s audience. He fabricated a following with amusing, exaggerated responses to horror video games.

Mark Fishbach isn’t a conventional gamer. He doesn’t splurge a lot of time playing video games, instead, he made fun of them. Markiplier has co-hosted and produced several series. Like other YouTubers, he stretched his content to include sketch-comedy, voice-overs, and elite look. He’s also well-known for his charitable work. During the streaming, he plays games for donations from various charities. He has raised more than $2 million for cancer research.

3. Tyler Blevins (Ninja) – $17 Million

Tyler Blevins, who is known as “Ninja”, is the present richest video gamer on the earth. Ninja started his career as a skilled esports player, playing Halo 3. He is a famous YouTube gamer. It wasn’t long until he slowly switched over to Fortnite. Ninja is famous for his streaming of Fortnite. When the Fortnite game came out on Twitch he found immense success as he started screaming and playing, After Fortnite happened, he began to boost his fame and the count of subscribers and viewers.

His channel is one of the most subscribed gamers’ channels on YouTube. Many think it was the infamous stream with Drake, Travis Scott, and Juju Smith-Schuster that pushed Ninja to such heights. Because in that stream he broke Twitch’s viewer count record that set his place atop this list.

With 16 million Twitch followers he is the most followed streamer on the platform. Tyler is streaming for a decade on games many games and at present, he is streaming for Fortnite. The streamer broke a lot of Twitch records and quickly became known throughout the globe. His deal with Microsoft is helping to reform the live-streaming world. And the great times seem to be continuing for the streamer. He got tons of advertisement deals with different brands and products.

When Fortnite planned an avatar for Ninja, which players could take up during gameplay, he peaked to an all-new level altogether. The highest-earning gamer earns a huge load of his wealth from YouTube and brand endorsements. On his social media handle, he often undertakes a range of paid partnerships for gaming and toy brands too. Featuring many famous brands, Tyler had a pretty successful year.

4. Preston Arsement – $14 Million

With 12 million subscribers on YouTube, gamer Preston Blaine Arsement is quite famous for his prank videos and gaming videos from Minecraft and Roblox. Minecraft fan base is massive, and most of them are kids who have generous free time in their lives to make this gamer go on the top list of rich gamers. Preston’s income comes largely from his main Youtube channel ‘Preston’. He earns a huge $14 million from his content on the platform. If someone had told us we could earn 14$ in a year by playing Minecraft, we would not have taken it seriously but guess who did, Preston’s assessment.

He has taken it a lot more seriously as a kid than any of us and it is for everyone to see where he is now. The Minecraft player and vlogger now scrape up in big bucks by hosting practice versions of the game with in-game costs. Preston who is known as PrestonPlayz on Youtube is one of the youngest on the list of rich gamers. By showing off hacks to earn diamonds and in-game currency in the popular game Minecraft he earned his real fortune. From the beginning, Preston has stayed consistent with Minecraft content aimed at both hardcore crafters and a common audience.

5. EVAN Fong (VanossGaming) – $11.5 Million

Evan Fong is known online as VanossGaming. Fong’s been well-known for quite some time now with 26 million subscribers and had 1.7 billion views last year. He played voice actor as a monster hunter in Paranormal Action Squad, a premium 2016 cartoon series on Youtube. In March 2015 Fong appeared on the YouTube gaming evolution panel in Boston. His gaming manner is most of the time compared to PewDiePie because of resemblance. But, the VanossGaming channel focuses more on gaming content for diverse games. He posts mosaic-style videos on YouTube of him and other players playing the games. Fong created his private animations to edit them in his video editing lesson.

Canadian-born Vanoss made a name for himself playing Grand Theft Auto V, from which he obtained his signature logo. He quit college to pursue his YouTube aspiration full time, much to his parents’ apprehension but saw success only a few years later when he signed with Jetpack, a multi-channel network. Not only does he continue to record gaming content for his YouTube channel, but he also serves as the creative director for some games. He also produces music and performs as DJ.

6.  Shroud (Michael Grzesiek) 12.5 million

Canadian-born Polish gamer, Michael Grzesiek is known as Shroud (formerly eclipse). The streamer is often renowned as one of the best “aimers”. Michael stands out mainly because of not limiting himself to one game. Shroud first became well-known for playing professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with Cloud9.

Since then, he’s clumped at nearly new first-person shooter he could get his hands on and is well-known for his finer aiming ability. With a Twitch following of more than 7 million and a YouTube subscriber count of more than 7 million, Shroud has confirmed that expert gameplay will draw the attention of FPS fans. While he has earned quite a bit from esports tournaments, it’s his content that has been his key revenue source. The former pro also has an extensive clothing line with gaming brand Jinx which also contributes to his annual earnings.

7. Timothy John Betar (Tim the Tatman) – $8 Million

Timothy John Betar, better known by his stage name TimtheTatman, is a well-known gamer, streamer, and entertainer from New York, United States. TimtheTatman began his career as a Twitch Streamer and now has over 3 million Instagram followers, 1.5 million Twitter followers, and 1.8 YouTube subscribers. Streaming popular games such as Overwatch, Fortnite, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and World of Warcraft, Betar’s humorous, cheerful Fortnite streams have made him a top favorite with brands like Reese’s & Bud Light.

After Fortnite was released, all the twitch streamer numbers went crazily high. He is a certified Twitch partner and has been a full-time streamer. And Betar collected some profit, becoming one of the most popular streamers for the game. TimtheTatman has dominated the world of esports as a Monster Energy official esports athlete who is also sponsored by Audio-Technica Corporation for his gaming prowess. Tim is also sponsored by LG Ultra Gear Gaming Monitor and Razer, both of which have assisted Tim in creating next-level broadcasting films for a variety of games. Timothy John Betar was named “Fan Favorite Male Streamer and Gamer of the Year” when the Gamer’s Choice Awards were first established in the year 2018.

Since Fortnite was exceptionally popular at the time it was launched, his channel and other Fortnite-playing channels were extraordinarily viewed. Timothy also signed a special streaming deal with Twitch. Tim received the Gamers’ Choice Award for Fan Favorite Male Streamer/Gamer of the Year. Tim is recognized for making engaging videos that keep viewers interested. He is also renowned for partnering with other gaming streams, such as ‘Ninja’ (Gamer name) who is also known as Tyler Blevins, in which they play games together. While playing games like Fortnite, Overwatch, and reacting to other games, their reactions are known to be both hilarious and insightful. Tim is well-known for encouraging a number of gamers to pursue esports professionally. Tim began his career in 2012 and has since pushed others to have a positive view of esports by participating in a variety of gaming conferences and events. Tim is also known for being a fantastic humanitarian, having raised over $2 million for a children’s hospital with the help of other gaming broadcasters and encouraging others to do the same.


Even though eSports is still in its shaping stage, its market is already experiencing a great boom. In the year 2020, 950 million US dollars was the worldwide revenue generated in the sports market. And by the year 2023, it is expected to generate around 1.6 billion US dollars. These revenues come from betting, prize pools, and tournaments, but tremendously from funding. This was anticipated to bring in around 584 million U.S. dollars in 2020. In terms of revenue, North America’s biggest e-sport market is estimated to create around 37 percent of the industry’s total revenue. And the global gaming industry is likely to have a value of more than 200 billion US dollars by 2023.

Most of the money sits in the hands of the streamers and gamers entertaining fans on platforms like Youtube or Twitch. Some may feel unhappy by just how much money these gamers and streamers earn every year playing games and networking with their audience. Others may feel the push to try their hand at getting in on the rewards. But it is not an easy peasy lemon squeezy to get famous and make fortune through video gaming. And these YouTube gamers and streamers play games for real money and work hard to win the hearts of their fans.

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