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Planning A Wedding is Enough to Drive Anybody Insane

Planning a wedding is enough to drive anybody insane. It requires time, patience and not to mention, loads of money. You have to decide on a venue, guest lists, placements, decorations, catering, suits and dresses, and much more! Though there may be a lot of yes and no’s when it comes to these tasks, one thing you absolutely need is a ‘wedding photographer’. 

I understand that it is 2021, and we have smartphones with amazing picture quality and high definition, yadda yadda. Sure you can take pictures and selfies with your phones, and you can add filters and make boomerangs but my question is, “Where is the charm?” All these facilities are available in the palm of your hand and yet nothing is captivating about it. 

A photographer is like a magician, his greatest trick, capturing a moment. Your wedding is the biggest day of your life, do you really want it to be remembered through a tacky boomerang? 

Wedding photography is an art form and is more complex than it seems. 

There are certain things that I, as a photographer, consider important to make the wedding shoot a success. 

  • Wedding theme – Every wedding has a theme. It’s something women dream of ever since they were little girls and men dread. A theme is a great way to create a foundation around which the wedding can be planned. It creates a vision as to what ideas a photographer can include. 
  • Lighting – Understanding the way light works is one of the ABCs when it comes to weddings. Everything looks different in different lighting, it is up to the photographer to learn about exposure, highlights, contrast, and angles that will make the bride and groom look their absolute best. 
  • Make Use of Your Background – The bride and the groom are the center of attention but don’t shy away from incorporating the venue in your shots, they have paid good money for it after all! Shots near a pool and garden can elevate the photography by providing subtle reflections. 
  • Know Your Clients Angles – Every person has a face profile that they prefer, like me, I like my left profile more than my right. I always ask my clients, or whoever I’m shooting with, which side they prefer more. If they don’t know, I take pictures of both their profiles and show them so that they can pick. Trust me, you do not want an unhappy bride!

Being a family wedding photographer is a huge task. If you entrust me with capturing the joy and happiness on your wedding day then I promise you that my pictures will make generations smile. I will make it my duty to embed your memories in each and every photograph and preserve smiles till the end of times. 

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