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Pakistani Automotive Market and Japanese cars exporters silent grip.

In Pakistan only a few brands are holding all market with very limited models and few options every year only year and little bit shaped change by the brands like Toyota, Honda, and Suzuki but all options, functions mostly remain the same, here that brands also not focusing on safety and quality of cars whereas in other countries of the world they are competing with each other on different areas of car manufacturing,

Strong grip by few brands

Due to three limited brands hold within the industry they set very low product standard to cut more cost and get higher profits even they are working as a team even with different brands to avoid competition with in the market, further with many wrong techniques they are pushing other brands at back to not enter in the market even newcomers are good for the Pakistani, that three brands has fear of a break-in monopoly what they have maintained from many years. 

Low Product Quality

As that three brands are the whole sole for in the manufacturing industry in Pakistan further as all brands are connected with the chain together from the backside to rule the industry with their desires, not with the progress and technological methods which other brands are following in the industry, the point is that even they are not following basic version of standard cars as compared to other brands of the world, what quality that three brands delivering to market it’s also not up to the mark, for an example of that particular quality willing to export in the international market no on willing to buy it at the price what they are charging in Pakistan.

Bad After Sale service

Due to the stronghold of that three brands in the Pakistani marketing and they are only focusing on enjoying profits in their pockets, as that brands are well aware of the market need and blockage at the entry of any new brand due to several reasons they are not focusing on any after-sale services because they know it very well the quality is not up to the mark and its cause high number of complains, actually they are very focusing on profits only and taking advantage on that, the customer only has few choices to buy and customer are bound with them.

Law and order situation

Pakistani were faced mega-disaster due to bad political influences which hit the economy like some atomic bomb hit the world before the 80s which brand already arrived in Pakistan and begin their manufacturing they remain till now but due to bad law and order conditions after 90s no any new investment and brand take a chance to grab this opportunity because every investor or industrializer thinking about only loss if they invest in a bad period where all business seems to stop with huge losses and at that time people only securing their existing assets and not focusing on new assets buying.

Lack of investment

As the only three brands are the market holder and enjoying what they are getting in with existing investment, they are only getting profits and not investing more because they planned no need to do it, as for the long run the local economic conditions will remain the same so no return on investment is possible that’s why they only giving old styles, old functions, and old quality to run what they are already getting no need to do anything extra because with low efforts profit are very good.

No clear policies from government

As Pakistani politicians are only concerned with their private life and when they become a part of any government so they have no plan for countries issues and industrial sector progress and performance check, they also not concern industries following already existing law, regulation and policies or not bribe is the only way to handle all things, that three brands well understand how to deal in Pakistan and how to play with the market in Pakistan so they kept the same attitude from many years and at from the twenties beginning changes begin.

Overseas Pakistani’s Interference

The market begins to change when the internet allows local customers to think and view out of the box when thinking and comparison of cars started people of Pakistan understand what that three brands are doing and how the market is controlled by that, whereas government policies now also available on the internet which never is so opened for the common public it’s open a hidden gate for a new revolution of an industrialization push, as per government policy Pakistani from overseas can transfer their used cars within the limit to Pakistan in term of gift and self-use so that way introduce new way which allowing different brands to in and check markets.

Arrival of Japanese cars

After the reveal of Pakistani government policies and support of overseas Pakistanis many used cars begin to import in Pakistan which looked new and in functions and quality it is better than the existing brand qualities, this is shocking for the local brands which were involved in manipulating markets, this act of technology pushed them to invest and make more progress for survival, many of brands are beginning to check Pakistani market with their used products and get good results by Pakistani consumers.

Green Signal for World Exporters

Pakistan is the big market for the automobile industry as world manufacturers know that capturing Pakistani markets means to get high profits and a higher chance of introducing their brands as only three brand manipulations here, especially Japanese manufacturer are more conscious to get Pakistani market as they also have the right-hand drive and they know they have much more advanced and mature product brands which are high in quality and have parts support chain.

As concern to the new market, the Pakistani market is not limited market only for Japanese car exporters but for other countries as well and they know very well this way of trade does not require big investments.

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