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Opening a Boutique Account on Instagram

Instagram, which is among the most used applications today, is used by approximately 39 million people in our country. Moreover, in our country, the daily time spent on social media accounts reaches 4 hours. For this reason, Instagram, which is the most intractable platform, is one of the ideal choices for individuals who want to do e-commerce.


Opening a boutique account on Instagram is one of the most preferred methods by individuals who want to sell online. Because, as mentioned before, the Instagram audience is quite high. In this way, an Instagram boutique can be visited by more users than websites. However, there are some points to be considered in order to open a successful Instagram boutique account.

Things to Consider When Opening a Boutique on Instagram

There are many issues that those who want to open a boutique account on Instagram should pay attention to. If these issues are not taken into account, disappointments may arise. Those who are considering opening an Instagram boutique account should pay attention to the following headings.

1- Username Selection

Individuals who want to open a boutique account on Instagram must first determine an Instagram username. The username should be suitable for the service to be provided and easy to remember. Otherwise, users who want to find your page will have difficulties. Also, the username should be short. Accounts to be sold should avoid usernames containing first and last names. This will make you look like a personal account.

2- Product Selection

The originality of the products you want to sell will attract the attention of many Instagram users. However, if you sell products that are available daily, users will not be in favor of buying them. Therefore, your products must be unseen or unconventional. For example, personalized products such as specially designed objects and jeweler attract attention.

3- Advertising

Those who want to sell on Instagram should not only advertise with posts that fall on the main page. Because these ads are ignored by most users. Instead, you can prepare packages of the product or products you sell and send them to individuals who are a phenomenon on Instagram. In this way, influencers will share your product with their followers and your sales rates will increase.

4- Instagram Post Selection

The images you will share with your potential customers on Instagram should be as professional as possible. Images taken in bad light and with bad cameras will make you look like a beginner. No one wants to shop from a novice page. For the sharing of sellers who want to open a boutique account and earn money on Instagram, images with a plain background and taken with a professional camera should be used. In addition, images should not be copied from a different site.

5- Examining Competitor Accounts

If you are a new seller on the internet, you can get an idea by browsing other Instagram boutique pages. You can determine in which areas you need to improve yourself by examining many aspects such as the most liked posts of these accounts, post comments, photo quality. In this way, you can increase your sales by reaching more audiences.

People who want to open a boutique account and make sales on Instagram should pay attention to the points such as cargo, product stock, price determination in addition to the above-mentioned issues. Because slow shipping, expensive products and products that are constantly running out will prevent you from being preferred. For this reason, before starting this business, you should negotiate with cargo companies and agree with reliable suppliers.

By paying attention to all the tricks mentioned above, you can make very profitable sales by opening a boutique account on Instagram. However, it should be noted that Instagram accounts do not reach the desired number of followers in a single day. Therefore, it is very important to be patient.

Those who want to open a boutique account on Instagram; you should pay attention to the tips given above. In this way, your Instagram boutique account will become very interactive.

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