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Is Location Tracker A Scam?

Last week I went to university with my niece. She had to refill some last-minute paperwork before leaving town so I was the emergency backup. I had to wait there for at least half an hour. Well, that reminded me of my university time. There were students everywhere, indeed the smell of youth, passion took me back to my golden time. I was about to call my university buddies when suddenly a group of students came to ask me a favor. They were having a class project about advanced technology and people’s distrust. They asked me to fill a survey form. The research was about spy apps and why old age people don’t believe in them.

At first, I felt a little offensive as how dare they categorized me as an old man. But truthfully I guess it’s time to face the reality. Anyway, I filled the form and hand over it to them. But back to my sister’s house, I kept on thinking about it. I dropped my niece and on the lunch table randomly threw the question to my sister and brother-in-law how do they feel about spy apps and features like location tracker and social media monitoring. Well contrary to my expectations they both said it is just a scam and they are not as useful as they say. 

I was happy that I didn’t have a heated conversation with the group of students as I thought their topic of research was not based on truth and the use of spy apps is the new trend and hot topic, especially among the parents and employees. Well, I decided to convince people like my family first and here I am. So let me make this very clear spy app or monitoring software features are not scam. They are the need of the hour. 

Let’s just take the example of the location tracker feature only. It is one of the most important features offered by spy apps. 

  • Do you know that according to NCMEC 2020 data, there were around 29,800 cases of missing children?
  • 91 % contribution was from runaway children.
  • Among the reported runaways, according to NCMEC data 1 in 6 likely become the sex trafficking victim. 

The above-mentioned statistics are frightening right, but it was not meant to make you all worry. The thing is if you guys believe in the spy app and location tracker-like things then you can know about your teen’s whereabouts and surrounding in real-time. 

One of the apps that offer a live location tracking feature and is very economical as well is the OgyMogy.

Real-Time Monitoring With OgyMogy:

OgyMogy offers real-time pinpoint location tracker features for android devices. By using the feature user is reported about the movements of the target in real-time. Other extraordinary features related to location tracking are

  • Seven-day history of all the movements and whereabouts is reported to the user by the OgyMogy location tracker feature.
  • You can mark a virtual safe zone on the google map for the target persons. Any attempt to leave the safe zone will be reported to the user immediately. 
  • Similarly, just like the safe zone, mark a virtual restricted area as well on the google map for the target. It will timely update you about any entry in the restricted zone. As parental control, you can put adult clubs, any abandoned places, etc in the restricted zone. Similarly, the feature can also be used in employee monitoring as all the suspicious places can be marked under no go zone by employees of an organization. 

Use It to Secure Your Data And Device:

I am very much sensitive about my android phone and data. It’s because I mostly use it as a device to handle official matters as well and sometimes the emails contain sensitive confidential data. The location tracker feature has been a real blessing for me. I use the app not only as a data backup source but features like GPS tracking had helped me much time to keep track of my device. 

Use The Feature For Drivers and Delivery Guys:

One of My friends owns a restaurant and she uses the location tracker feature as employee monitoring. The feature helps her to keep track of the delivery guys and that way she knows about the whereabouts and movements of each employee. 

Try yourself and you will thank me later.  

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