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Best Homemade Remedies to Gain Weight

It’s a blessing for all underweight people to gain weight. Skinny people are always stressed about their weight and also humiliated by everyone. There are so many reasons for being underweight such as stress, heredity, recovering from any illness, poor nutrition, and poor appetite system. And most underweight people apply many ways to gain weight but could not be successful. Some people suggest several weight gain medicines, protein powders but they are not only bad for health but also costly. And some people with poor appetite systems could not digest that protein powder. So in this article, we will discuss some best foods for healthy weight gain in just 10days.

Rice congee:

Rice congee is one of the best home remedies to gain weight. You can prepare this without effort, not only that it’s an excellent food for those who are recently recovering from illness. It not only helps you to gain weight but also gives instant energy, retreats digestive imbalances, and increases metabolism.

Banana milkshake:

Banana milkshake is another excellent home remedy to increase weight. A banana contains 105 calories and 250ml milk contains 200 calories so that you can easily intake 300 calories with this simple remedy. This smoothie is full of carbs and healthy calories. You can also add some honey to make it tastier and healthier. Take this two times in a day.

Milk & dried fruits:

A combination of milk with dried fruits such as dates, anjeer, and almonds gives an effective potion. You can mix all of these items in a blender then boil this mixture and eat. It is one of the easiest & healthiest natural remedies to gain weight. It is very nutritious and delicious too. As dried fruits are so nutritious and contain fiber, minerals, and vitamins, antioxidants so you can intake more calories.

Mixture of Fruits:

Fruits or fresh fruit juices are the best for intaking high calories and nutrients in our body. You can also make a mixture of some fruits such as Indian ginseng, pomegranate, and muesli. Indian ginseng is one of the oldest Ayurveda supplements which has so many benefits such as it reduces inflammation, stress, lowers cholesterol, anxiety, and increases strength and muscle mass.  Pomegranate helps to boost your blood level and muesli is very healthy.

Other fruits:

Fruits are full of nutrients and some fruits are highly helpful for weight gain. Such as

Mangoes: it is the king of fruits plus contains several nutrients such as glucose, high calorie, and fructose.

Muskmelon: mask melon is very useful for eliminating gaunt look when you are underweight.

Banana: it is a high caloric fruit and also helps to gain weight.

Dairy products:

Milk is the primary supply of dairy products and you can get this in your home and it helps to gain weight. Dairy products such as curds, ghee, butter, cheese, and cottage cheese are also available in your home. Dairy products are not only a good supply of calcium and protein but also fats. And these nutrients help to gain weight. Milk is also high in protein and helps to build muscle. On the other hand, cottage cheese offers a good source of carbs with other nutrients.

Include Yogurt and wine in your daily diet:

Wine is a good booster of your appetite and a great way for taking before meals. It is high in tannins and antioxidants which maintain the immune system as well as provides health protection. On the other hand, yogurt is an excellent source of periodic bacteria and high in calories. It also maintains your digestive system and helps you to gain weight.

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