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Benefits of Red Italian Coral Gemstone


Red Coral Gemstones are found under the sea and formed due to the low sedimentation. They normally grow on the rocks in the ocean and they are the bushes without leaves. Further, after processing, they are carved into beautiful stones of different sizes and carats. The finest of all is the Red Italian Coral Gemstones that are found in Italy.

Where is it found?

Although the top grade Red Coral gemstones are found in Italy, countries like Japan, India, France, Spain, and Algeria also harvest Coral gemstones. It is commonly found in many parts of the world but the Coral stones of Italian origin are superior among other varieties.

About Red Italian Coral Gemstone

Also known by other names like Laal Moonga in India, Red Coral is widely worn by a large number of people. It has the potential to heal various diseases and remove depressive energies. The most genuine and highly recommended variant of Red Coral gemstone is the one that comes from Italy. It is in shades of pink, red, and slightly orange which is made glossier after polishing. This beautiful stone can be worn as a pendant, bracelet, or ring. It brings fame, name, and success in business and other ventures. It also makes the wearer financially stable and brings marital bliss. Only the natural and unheated/ untreated Red Coral Italian Gemstones should be used for getting the best results.

Astrological Importance

Red Coral Gemstone is ruled by planet Mars as per Vedic astrology and effective for removing the malefic of Mars. It is often recommended to wear Red Coral for strengthening weak Mars after going through the birth chart. The wrath of Mars makes the person more aggressive, creates financial debts, marital discord, and a rise in expenditures. Wearing Red Coral is extremely helpful for calming anger, getting rid of debts and health issues related to impotency, blood, and bones. It is always advised to consult a holistic healing expert like us to ensure the negative effects of Red Coral gemstone are averted and maximum benefit is gained.

Red Italian Coral Gemstone Benefits

  • It gives strength and the will to resolve problems and face challenges
  • It motivates the wearer to be strong in tough times
  • It helps defeat enemies and be victorious
  • It removes lethargy and brings enthusiasm
  • It can be worn by pregnant women to avoid abortion and problems related to pregnancy
  • Fever, smallpox, piles, etc. can be cured to a certain extent by wearing Red Coral gemstone
  • It is said to be helpful for treating physical ailments like arthritis, rheumatism, and knee pain

Red Coral Stone and Chakra Healing

Apart from all the amazing qualities that Red Coral gemstone has, it is also useful for healing the Muladhara Chakra. It is also known as Root Chakra since it is located at the base of a human body. Our bodies are ruled by 7 energy centers that ensure the proper functioning of our organs and emotions. The Muladhara Chakra is the first Chakra that controls the excretory system, skeletal system, hip, and pelvis. A blockage in Muladhara Chakra leads to prostate problems, obesity, varicose veins, arthritis and feelings of imbalance, and being ungrounded. Red Coral is effective in healing the Muladhara Chakra and giving a sense of security. The advantages of having an unblocked Root Chakra are a healthy body and no insecurity. It is recommended to wear a Red Coral Mala or use it for Japa (mantra chanting) while worshipping Lord Ganesha, the deity who is associated with Muladhara Chakra.

Who should wear Red Italian Coral Gemstone?

Those who feel depressed can wear Red Italian Coral gemstone to feel better. It can be worn by children to get relief from stomach ache, rickets, etc. Pregnant women can wear it to prevent abortion and difficulties in pregnancy. Childless couples are also blessed with a baby when the Red Coral is worn properly.

Care Instructions

Use a clean dry cloth to wipe the Red Coral Gemstone thoroughly. To clean any piece of Red Italian Coral jewellery, soft cloth dipped in water should be used. Followed by that, wipe the jewellery with a dry cloth. Do not wear or store Red Coral stone jewellery in hot temperatures. It will lose the lustre and look dull because of the sweat which is apparently acidic.

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