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Why Having the Right Business Card Design Can Make You Stand Out In the Business World

Alain de Botton, the philosopher, says that our identities go far beyond what is “on the business card”. That may be true but perhaps our business cards should be working harder.

In a digital age, people still care about the classic business card. Read on to learn why having the right design can truly help you stand out in the crowd.

Quality Counts

In the sea of business cards that your potential clients and contacts receive something has to make your card stand out. One important factor is the quality of your card. Nothing suggests quality more than the weight of the card you use.

Take a selection of cards and put them in your pocket. Reach in and feel through the cards for any that draw your attention. Using the sense of touch alone, a heavier weighted card tends to stand out.

Choose a tougher and more durable paper stock and your card will last longer and make a stronger impression. Your reliability and stability will be symbolized in the robustness of the card.

A Personal Business Card

Any brief investigation of business cards reveals just how predictable and dull many of them are. These cards could be from anyone. They’re not memorable or distinctive.

You want your contact to remember who the card came from. Make it personal and they will associate the card and the contact details with you.

Making the card distinctive could be as simple as leaving plenty of white space so you can write a personal note on the card. Write down how you met or what you discussed. That way when your new contact sees the card, they will remember you.

If you are meeting people at an event print a batch of cards for that event. Reference the event on the card and your contact will remember where and when they met you.

Professional Design

Unless you are a graphic designer, don’t try to design your card yourself. Creating an impactful design is important so have a professional approach.

You can use a business card template to inject professional design without having a bespoke card designed.

Different Size and Shape

Just as a heavier card can make your business card stand out, so can the size and shape of the card. Most business cards have square corners. Try rounded corners.

A standard business card size might feel non-negotiable. If you want to be remembered, don’t conform. Be prepared to be different.

You could go larger than the standard card. Alternatively, go for a different shape. Square cards or folding cards will cause your contact to look twice at your card.

Stay On Brand

Investment in branding reaps rewards in recognition. Follow through your corporate branding onto your business card. Stay consistent with font, color, and logo.

If your corporate brand is formal and conventional follow this through on to your card. If it’s quirky and light-hearted, be fun and frivolous on your cards too. Anything else creates confusion and is counter-productive.

Feel Good

The tactile qualities of a card should not be ignored. The feel of the card can help re-enforce the images and text printed on the card. Glossy, embossed, metallic or premium matte are all finishes that can add memorable character to your business card.

The Right Design

The right design of a business card has to reflect the unique combination of your personality, your market, and your brand. Recognize this and free yourself from the crowd.

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