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Being Attracted to a Woman as a Married Woman and Successful Christian Writer

Going against the judgments of society takes a lot in a person especially in the 21st century when each and every person has an eye on you through different means. It was even tougher for Glennon Doyle who was already in the spotlight being a mom blogger and writer, who wrote about her perfect and harmonious family. The story “Untamed” is about Glennon Doyle.

Glimpse to Glennon Doyle’s Inside Life Story

Doyle was a famous personality as a perfect wife and mother. What’s more, she was about to publish a book, Love Warrior, that described how she and her husband had finally managed to heal their marriage in spite of his multiple affairs. It painted a picture of a perfect family and a newly harmonious marriage which was rather going the opposite path because she no longer felt for her husband. But as unaware is anyone about the source of their unhappiness or because they try to ignore uncomfortable truths, she continued with her book tour for promotion. In one such function, she saw the love of her life, Abby Wambach, a retired professional soccer player. They both connected on a good level and there was a spark that told Doyle that “this was her”.

The society Doyle was part of knew her differently and her religion was absolutely against her sexuality so coming out in front of them was not easy for Glennon in any way. It meant going against the notions she had been convincing herself about for a long time.

Introduction to Abby Wambach and Doyle’s Coming Out

As part of her promotional duties for her new book, Untamed, she was scheduled to give a presentation at a national book conference. At a dinner beforehand, a woman suddenly walked into the room. Doyle couldn’t take her eyes off her. 

Abby Wambach, a retired professional soccer player, was at the conference to promote her own biography. Doyle went around the room shaking hands with everyone. When Abby approached, Doyle stood up and wrapped her in a long hug, even though they’d never met before. It was as if her body was acting of its own volition. Wrapped in Abby’s arms, she felt a shock of recognition: it felt like she’d finally come home, the attraction was hard to escape from. 

Though again she kept her feelings below others around her to fit in the society but soon she realized that she was feeling like she was part of this cage of hiding herself and needed a release, that is when she opened up to her husband, who took it quite warmly and gave her good support. They afterward told their children threat they were going to have a different kind of family onwards but they don’t have to choose one side.

Against All the Odds, Doyle Preserved

As we read further in Untamed, her religion came down on her and her mother did not understand her side of getting with a woman. With the book launching in a few weeks, she took the strongest decision of her life, i.e. to come out on her blog about her divorce and sexuality. Amazingly, it was welcomed like never b

She was coming up with questions which she had never asked herself and paid heed to as a loyal Christian and perfect woman about the rights of LGBTQ and racism. Now that she was taking everything as her lens said without any prejudices she came across greater truths which she had ignored. Though she continued to be Christian, Doyle has become more skeptical of organized religion. She won’t blindly accept any version of religious teaching that asks her to numb her critical faculties.

As the author states in the book Untamed, coming out about this fact opposite to her normal life was not easy but the attraction fueled everything, rather the love. It gave impetus for a better living and for the meaning of perfect to personalize.

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