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Why are 2D animation companies in demand?

2D animation was dying until a couple of years ago. With disney and other popular animation studios moving to 3D animation, it seemed like 2D animation would be long forgotten. And it was thought that the only reminiscent of 2D animation would be the cartoons that we so dearly grew up watching. 

But that’s not the case anymore. The nostalgic feeling, we associate with 2D animation is now being turned into an advantage for marketers. 2D animation is now increasingly on demand as there is a certain charm to it. Its versatility in illustrating different aspects of a business is highly sought after. And so with the demand in 2D animation, 2D animation companies are also on the rise. 

What does a 2D animation company do?

2D animation company have a team of creatives ranging from scriptwriter, illustrator, storyboard artist to graphic designer, visual designer, motion graphic artist, animator, video editor and so on. Their primary goal is to translate what you have in paper into attractive visuals and thoughtful messaging. They create a captivating storyline to keep the audience engaged from the beginning to the end. They ensure that the messaging included in the animation aligns with your brand ethics.

Due to the demand of 2D animation now, there has also been a significant rise in 2D animation companies in Delhi and Gurgaon, India. 

2D animation’s popularity

Even though we now have numerous platforms that provide a variety of content, our appetite for new and fresh content has not diminished in the least. With the advancement of new technologies, animation has gotten much easier. Gone are the days, when you had to paint every scene out by hand to animate. Now we can make everything digitally.

2D animation has since evolved from just cartoons and are now playing a major role in marketing strategies for businesses. With their versatility to convey any information in an engaging and easily understandable manner, they have become a hit in the market.

Businesses are now using 2D animation to explain their product or service with the help of animated explainer videos or showcase their business model and ethics. Businesses are increasingly becoming aware of the advantages of using 2D animation. Be it on their landing page or social media posts, they know that the way to grab the attention of their target audience is through attractive animation that entices people. 

Businesses that use videos on their website have shown higher ranking in search engines because search engines usually favour content that is more human-centric unlike the text-based content. In addition to this, even consumers have stated that they are more easily persuaded to buy a product or service when they see it in action. 2D animation does not just sell the product but also provides the users with an experience of using the product.  

The demand for a video production company

With the increasing competition amongst businesses, and the necessity to grab people’s attention from their constant scrolling, businesses are always looking for ways to engage their audience. Videos are a valuable asset and have a ton of benefits. When used right, they can provide better conversion rates; up to 60% when used on website landing pages. They can massively impact a company’s sales and marketing strategies and also produce a good return on investment. 

Since most businesses don’t have a creative team to execute an animated video, the need for 2D animation companies rose. 2D animation companies with their team of creatives can deliver an exceptional video that aligns with the company’s values. They will take up your idea and visualise it in a way that is appealing as well as meaningful to the audience. With the help of state-of-the-art equipment available, video production companies will be able to create a video that is of high quality. Their expertise is also a bonus when it comes to creating videos for a specific company. Their experience would’ve allowed them to work with different industries and this helps them to determine what will work best for a particular industry. 

One popular 2D animation company in Delhi called PitchWorx provides the following animation types for animated explainer videos

  • Character animation
  • Motion graphic
  • Kinetic typography
  • Whiteboard animation
  • Screencast videos
  • Live action videos

Pitchworx is an animation agency with 9 years of experience and has worked with 500+ clients in creating animated explainer videos. With more than 1500 minutes of video animation services, they help businesses to communicate in an engaging and compelling manner. So if you’re looking for an explainer video production company, then PitchWorx is the right option for you. 


2D animation is a very powerful and versatile medium. With good creativity, quality and context, they can be entertaining and highly educational with information condensed in an easily digestible manner. So, hire a 2D animation company today to produce a video that is captivating and that contributes towards your business’ growth.

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